He murders his girlfriend with 31 stab wounds to the neck and asks his mom for help to hide the body

Kerry Wolley She was 38 years old and the mother of two children, she had a romantic relationship with Ian Bennett, a man described by British prosecutors as someone “Jealous and possessive” who murdered her by stabbing her 31 neck with a knife.

The frenzied attack took place in the victim’s bedroom at her home located in Solihull, UK. In total he received 54 stab wounds. After his capture, the alleged murderer denied having murdered his partner. He pointed out that before the murder he was with her and suddenly he lost consciousness and when he woke up he saw Kerry’s body lifeless.

However, the investigations led to the discovery of two key points: in the first, Internet searches were found on the detainee’s computer. “The best way to get revenge on a woman” and in the second, they discovered that her mom lied in her statement about the case and helped cover up the crime.

During Ian’s trial, the prosecutor in the case, Caroline Goodwin, reported that on the day of the murder, the couple had been drinking alcohol and Bennett had used cocaine. “It was brutal and deliberate. He suffered 54 acute force injuries, most of them in the neck area, ”said the prosecutor.

The killer’s mom helped him cover up the crime

The surveillance camera on the dashboard of Ian’s mother’s car captured the moment when the man he was throwing a plastic bag into a water channel.

For the above, Ian’s mother was questioned, Lynda bennett about the facts. He noted that although he was present on the same floor where the murder took place, he did not recall that Kerry Wolley was attacked, but later added “If he did kill her, it was because (Ian) lost control. It was she who emotionally manipulated him. “

He added that Kerry had demanded to have sex and when he refused, she began to attack him with a knife, after that, her son fainted. Investigations revealed that the accused He asked his mother for help to get rid of his girlfriend’s body.

Now both mother and son are accused of the murder case while the case continues its course to know the sentence they will receive.

With information from Daily Star.


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