He spends $100,000 for nothing in Diablo Immortal, Wi-fi 7 is coming soon, this is the recap

A player spends a fortune in the Diablo Immortal store, he transforms his toilet into a working gaming PC and Wi-Fi 7 will soon arrive on our computers. It’s time for the recap of the day of August 2, 2022.

Credits: Blizzard

We are in the heart of summer and the news is obviously calmer, but there are still some interesting things! August 2 had some little surprises in store for us. Today we have a pay-to-win who becomes a play alone, a player who transforms his toilet into a PC and a technology that will soon be democratized on our computers. Let’s go !

He spends a fortune in Diablo Immortal but feels very lonely

When you are the strongest, you should not be surprised not to find anyone at your height. A Diablo Immortal player has spent over $100,000 on Blizzard’s game to drastically improve his character. Result: his level is so high that he can no longer find anyone to play against in PVP! A tragicomic story that could end up in court, our unfortunate protagonist having demanded that Blizzard return his money, in vain.

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That’s called a puppy PC

Basically Homeless is an engineer who thought it would be fun to build a PC right in his toilet. Yes, inside. He decided to apply his whimsical idea and the result is as amusing as it is disturbing: we have a functional tower (even with small RGB leds for good)… which is in fact a toilet flush. Of course, the screen is placed in front, in order to be able to play while doing your little business. It’s completely absurd, but we must salute the technical prowess. We take care as best we can.

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Wi-fi 7 is coming soon to our PCs

Intel will adopt Wi-Fi 7 technology in laptops by 2024. It was the brand that confirmed it at a press conference. This innovation stabilizes the bandwidth at 6 GHz while offering speeds of 5.8 Gbps. To put it simply: it doubles the connection speed.

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