He wanted to be a filmmaker and win an Oscar, but his girlfriend truncated his dream: he disfigured it with acid while he was sleeping

Esther Afrifa she thought her boyfriend Kelvin Pogo had an affair with another woman and in a outburst of jealousy attacked him leaving him disfigured for life and depressed for many months. While he slept, at his house in Wembley, England, the 28-year-old woman sprayed him with acid on his chest and face, causing severe injuries.

The 27-year-old Nigerian, So Who I was a film student in the city of London, has required various surgeries after being injured by his own partner, in addition to being mired in a deep depression for being disfigured for life and for having permanently lost vision.

However, justice was on his side and this week, Esther was sentenced to 14 years in prison for the terrible events that occurred on December 22, 2019. Judge Charles Bourne of the Court of Harrow convicted her of two counts of serious bodily injury with intent to commit “a horrible crime.”

She will have to serve two-thirds of the sentence in prison plus three additional years of leave when she is released, although it is believed that when that happens, they will deport her to Ghana, his native country.

The judge told Afrifa during the sentencing hearing that what he had done was something “truly wicked”, relates the Evening Standard. “You prepared a weapon that you knew would cause extremely serious disfiguring injuries and excruciating pain … you deliberately armed yourself and followed through on that plan,” he reproached.

“I had the dream of bringing an Oscar to my country”

Kelvin migrated from his native Nigeria to London with the illusion of making films and winning an Oscar; however, his dream was cut short for the time being as due to injuries he is unable to see correctly through the camera’s viewfinder. “I always had the dream of taking an Oscar from where I am from. I dream of being the next Spike Lee and being a filmmaker who makes things matter … is difficult but I will make it, “he told the Standard.

According to local media reports, Esther suspected Kelvin was cheating on her, so bought a liter of sulfuric acid online and left it by the bed; Once her boyfriend was asleep, he sprayed acid on his chest and four hours later, already injured, he poured more on his face and torso, causing severe burns. He also tried to take acid by making him believe it was water, but he no longer believed him and he did not.

Kelvin recounted that Afrifa pretended to call 999 for helpto the emergency services and that even he canceled a taxi they had ordered to take him to the hospital. It was not until after the second attack that managed to flee the house and was helped by a stranger who found it on the street. She was arrested when she was prowling the street looking for her victim.


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