Head of HomeKit, WhatsApp for Mac and much more. Best of the week on I’m from Mac

This week was quite calm in terms of news and news from the Apple world and the holidays are near so everything is a little more stopped than usual. Anyway, we continue to see news and rumors highlighted from the Apple world, so we are going to share with you some of the news highlighted in I’m from Mac this week of November.

We will start with the news about the departure from the company of the head of HomeKit at Apple. In this case It does not seem to be any problem or discrepancy with the top managers of the company but the current head of the project leaves Apple after two years in office. At the moment he does not have a substitute in the position, we will see how long it takes Apple to add another person in charge in this important section of the company.

A security flaw in WhatsApp allows you to read data from your Mac

Another of the outstanding news of this week talks about the options that Mac users have in having a native application for WhatsApp. Actually it would be from Catalyst and it does not seem that this has a close end, they are still working on the development of the app but there are no specific dates for its launch. It’s time to keep waiting if it’s true at least you see movements for its arrival on Mac.

We continue with the most outstanding news of the week talking about the update of Final Cut Pro for Mac. In this new version a solution is added to several problems and one of them is the one that it did not allow to undo an action with cmd + z when we have the Castilian language configured. This and other improvements have arrived in this new version.

repair by users themselves

To finish we share another of the important or outstanding news of this week with the implementation of the device repair option by the users themselves. Apple adds a new program in which users will be able to repair their devices, as long as they obviously know what they are doing …

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