Head to SIMRACING with this offer on the Thrustmaster T248

There are a number of peripherals that change everything for a gamer. On many occasions we did not know that we wanted something until we had it in our hands, be it at a friend’s house, in a hypermarket or having bought it blindly. In the case of the steering wheel and pedals Thrustmaster T248 We are sure that we are buying one of the best kits on the market in terms of quality price, but if it arrives with this offer… How can we say no?

Whether you like professional or semi-professional driving races or not, it cannot be denied that sitting in front of your monitor, putting on a good set of cars and having a great steering wheel in your hands and quality pedals on your feet is a luxury that we would all want. to have. In the case of today, what we are dealing with is a mid-range kit that, due to its quality and performance, makes it perfect as an entrance to this small world of video games that has realism as an incentive in most cases.

Thrustmaster T248, what more could you ask for at this price?

Undoubtedly, this offer will not last really long, since not every day the price of this type of product falls by a spectacular 18%, and according to what we are going to detail now it is clear that more than one of you are going to throw yourself at the buy now button, and with good reason.

What does this Thrustmaster T248 have to such praise? Well, we begin by saying the most obvious: a premium design. From the button layout, to the shape of its flattened steering wheel at the bottom, or simply its leather upholstery are some of its strengths.

But it does not end there, the arrangement of everything that the steering wheel itself entails is designed to adapt to all styles of play, making access and turning very comfortable as well as the pulsation of its buttons. 25 action buttons, including 2 double position encoders.

To finish off the wheel, we will have a race screen with 20 different visualizations and a Force Feedback with three preset modes that are compatible with all games. Anything else? Magnetic shift paddles with technology HEART, and that’s only on the wheel …

Precision pedal set


As for the pedals, what we have is precisely a set that also integrates HEART technology for the highest possible instant response that allows your 12 bit system don’t lose precision over time. This also allows up to 4 different pressure modes on the central pedal to optimize braking, something that is useful depending on where we are sitting, because a cabin is not the same as a support than sitting in a very high chair.

To finalize its compatibility, since we can play in PS4, PS5 and PC, where after falling a 18% we have a price of only 288.43 euros from the 349.99 it cost. Except for September 23, which had a fall of more than 279 euros and which seems to have been an error by Amazon itself, we would be talking about a historical minimum price.

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