Headphones and headphones: here are the best Amazon Prime Days deals

The Amazon Prime Days are launched: for two days, the famous online sales site offers a number of ultra interesting promotions. In this edited guide from Numerama, you will find the best deals on active noise canceling headphones and earphones.

The best of Amazon Prime Days for headsets and earphones :

  • Sony WF-1000XM3 headphones (€ 142.49): exemplary noise reduction in this format
  • Jabra Elite 75t headphones (€ 94.99): sportsmen’s best allies
  • Bose Headphones 700 headphones (€ 227.99): one of the best noise reduction
  • Sennheiser Momentum 3 headphones (275,49 €): the top of the range with a good discount
  • Beats Solo Pro headphones (€ 164.99): the headphones for the gym

This Monday, June 21 marks the start of the Amazon Prime Days. For two days, the multinational offers its subscribers very interesting discounts on tech products. Of course, the radius of helmets and headphones is no exception. And since these are flagship products, which have become essential in everyday life in 2021, many of you will certainly be looking into this category.

Today, there is much to get lost in front of the countless number of references in the segment of audio accessories. In this guide you will find a selection of the best deals.

Amazon Prime Days are available to subscribers and subscribers to Amazon Prime, a subscription that costs 49 euros per year or 5.99 euros per month (with a free 30-day trial).

Amazon Prime Day 2021: The Best Deals on Headphones and Earphones

Headphones with the best active noise reduction: Sony WF-1000XM3 – € 142.49

Sony WF-1000XM3 wireless headphones and their case // Source: Numerama

Do not be fooled by their name lying outside: the WF-1000XM3 are more than convincing headphones. Before being replaced (by the WF-1000XM4), they could be considered as a benchmark on the market. They have everything to please: an exemplary quality of finish, a bluffing active noise reduction (for headphones), an ultra-complete companion application (to customize the sound reproduction as desired), autonomy that is difficult to fault (24 hours in all) and very well thought-out features (several noise reduction modes). At less than 150 euros, they get even better.

Headphones for athletes who want peace: Jabra Elite 75t – € 94.99

A Jabra Elite Active 75t earphone // Source: Maxime Claudel for Numerama

Do you love to play sports but want to have peace during your workouts? The Elite 75t designed by the recognized brand Jabra could well become your best allies. Their very discreet design is associated with flawless comfort. They fit perfectly in the ears, which allows you to have no fear during prolonged efforts. In addition to this great effort in terms of ergonomics, we can highlight the customizable sound reproduction and noise reduction is a blessing in a gym (yes, we are tired of hearing our dumbbells clashing).

Headphones with stunning noise reduction: the Bose Headphones 700 – € 227.99

Bose Headphones 700 // Source: Bose

For a very long time, Bose had everyone agree on the segment of headphones with active noise reduction. While the brand has found strong rivals in Sony and Apple, its products remain excellent choices. The Headphones 700 are currently their most premium active noise canceling headphones in their catalog. A natural evolution of the QC 35, a specimen that has proven itself for several years, the Headphones 700 lack nothing: up-to-date design, stunning noise reduction as expected and quality microphones (this was not the case on the QC 35). Not to mention the Bose sound, which has its followers.

Very high-end at a gift price: Sennheiser Momentum 3 – € 275.49

Sennheiser Momentum 3 // Source: Sennheiser

It is sometimes complicated to recommend a helmet with a starting price of around 400 euros. But Amazon Prime Days can be an opportunity to seriously lower the floor price of the most premium products. The Momentum 3 from Sennheiser meets these criteria: despite its immense qualities, we would not recommend it at its introductory price. But, under the bar of 300 euros, it benefits from an excellent quality / price ratio. Here, it is above all the sound quality that makes all the difference. Sennheiser has a reputation in this area and Momentum 3 does it terribly well. We also appreciate its design a little more industrial than the competition, with that little extra cachet that can make all the difference.

The headset for stylish athletes: Beats Solo Pro – 164.99 €

Open Beats Solo Pro headphones // Source: Maxime Claudel for Numerama

Since its takeover by Apple, Beats has grown into a brand that really matters. Exit this image of manufacturer that appeals above all to fans of rap and hip-hop. The Solo Pro is one of the products that marked this renaissance: it is a noise reduction headset particularly comfortable in the iOS environment, with a welcome ease of use. Its durable materials make it a product capable of surviving intense workouts. As for the Beats sound, it is no longer overwhelmed by knocking bass at all. Finally, noise reduction remains a valuable feature in a noisy environment.

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