Headphones with a screen, genius or something totally unnecessary?

Headphones are something that we all have at home, there are a thousand models, headband, in-ear, bigger, smaller, with battery, with cable… we could be like this all day. But what surely you have never seen are headphones with a screen.

Today we are going to see these peculiar helmets and analyze what features they offer us and what the screen integrated into its sides is for.

Futureahead, that’s what they’re called.

Its creator and designer of the prototype is called Olga Orel, and she tests a new model that until today, at least I had never seen.

They are normal headphones, but they would have screens on their sides, which would show information about what we are listening to, from the album cover, to a video clip or the lyrics of the song.

headphones with screen

It is something quite curious to see. I don’t know how interesting it is, since we wouldn’t be the ones to enjoy this new technology, but rather the people around us who would see what we are playing at all times.

Regarding the rest of the functions, it is interesting. Bring a USB C charging port with battery indicator. they are foldable, which is convenient to save space in transport. They seem quite resistant and robust but without being heavy. In short, good headphones, but with a screen.

Are can be turned off to save battery or for simple privacy, although of course, doing so would take away from the only special function that they have. We also do not know how long they last with it activated and deactivated, something important to be able to give an opinion and see if the product can really interest you.

headphones with screen

For now it seems that there is only one model with the headband in yellow. Its creator compares them with a futuristic design a la Cyberpunk 2077. And the truth is that they do seem so. Another thing is how comfortable they will be, since from the images, it does not seem to us that they use an internal pad or something that is pleasant to our ears, in addition to their square shape, which is not something we are used to and can cause us discomfort . Although without having tried them we cannot comment, it still surprises us.

for now We don’t have a price or release date., since these headphones would be the work of a person and not a company, so their marketing and distribution is not so simple. We imagine that you will be taking out your prototype to see the acceptance of the people and according to the opinions of the people, think about launching it on the market, create a crowdfunding or who knows. Another possibility is that we never get to see them in operation and everything stays in a simple prototype..

I’m not really passionate about the idea and I think it’s more like a curiosity than a utility, since few of me really see it. But hey, whatever we have at hand is welcome. Surely someone will find it useful and end up buying it.

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