Health pass: Parliament amends provisions concerning minors and shopping centers

Parliament approved the bill for the management of the health crisis, which includes the extension of the health pass. The debates, however, changed the scope and schedule of the system. Here are the main changes to remember.

The legislative framework for the extension of the health pass is now fixed. In Parliament, deputies and senators ended up approving on July 25, 2021, a standardized version of the health crisis management bill, after several days and nights of debate. However, there remains one last obstacle to be overcome, that of the Constitutional Council, to verify the conformity of the text with the Constitution.

Initially, the health pass, already in force in the territory, should only be compulsory for special events welcoming more than 1,000 people, such as a festival or a concert, which may, due to the large number of individuals they attend. brew, potentially becoming super-clusters. But with the increase in power of the epidemic, the government decided to generalize the device.

In a speech on July 12, Emmanuel Macron announced that this mechanism will be required ” in all places of culture and leisure welcoming more than 50 people »From August 21, such as cinemas, museums, theaters and sports halls. Then, in August, the document will be requested for other places, such as cafes and restaurants and certain means of transport for long journeys.

Revised calendar for children, exemption from shopping malls

During its passage in Parliament, the bill was however slightly revised, in particular on the timetable and the scope of the implementation of certain measures:

  • Thus, for minors from 12 years old, the health pass will not be required from August 30, but one month later, September 30, 2021;
  • Regarding shopping centers, the government had raised the possibility that the pass would be requested in shopping centers of more than 20,000 m². The pass will only be required in the event of a very poor health situation, by order of the prefect.
For children at least 12 years old, the bill changes the calendar imposing the health pass. // Source: Pexels

Additional time for caregivers, date of exit from the health emergency floor

Other provisions, which do not concern the health pass (which can be a complete vaccination schedule, a recent negative PCR test or a certificate of recovery from the coronavirus) also evolved during the parliamentary discussion. Indeed, the text also includes compulsory vaccination for healthcare staff and the isolation of people who test positive for the coronavirus.

In hospitals and medical structures, healthcare staff are expected to be vaccinated quickly. // Source: Pixabay / CC0
  • On the compulsory vaccination of nursing staff, it remains, but a new schedule has been established: the people concerned have an additional time (October 15 and no longer September 15) to finish their vaccination. However, this only applies if a first dose was administered before September 15;
  • For the vaccination of minors between 12 and 16 years old, the agreement of a single parent is accepted. And between 16 and 18, minors do not need parental consent;
  • A scale of sanctions will always be applied for nursing staff and those in establishments open to the public in the event of a violation of the vaccination obligation, but with a gradation, such as statutory leave, suspension of salary, unpaid leave for 2 months, or more, so as to avoid dismissal without compensation;
  • In the event of non-control of the health pass by the establishments, there will also be increasingly firm provisions that will apply: formal notice, administrative closure of the establishment and, possibly, prosecution.

All these provisions come to an end when the persons concerned show that they are in good standing with regard to vaccination.

Last major change to note, the exit date allowing to leave the state of health emergency, as well as the stopping of the health pass system. The government was aiming for December 31, 2021, but it was finally on November 15 that a compromise was found. This date obviously remains subject to the reality of the health situation in the country.

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