Heavy blow to Mexican drug traffickers: record shipment of methamphetamine seized in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian authorities announced this Wednesday, November 3 that intercepted at Sofia airport a 450 liter shipment of methamphetamine in liquid state from Mexico, the second largest stash of its kind in the world, estimated to have a value of 20 million euros ($ 23 million).

The drug was hidden in 450 bottles who arrived by plane as part of a vanilla extract shipment from Mexico, explained to the media Stefan bakalov, director of the department of fight against drug trafficking of the Customs Agency.

According to the EFE agency, the drug would have had a value of 20 million euros if it had been sold on the street.
Bakalov noted that the drug was intercepted on October 28 and that the announcement came after arresting the recipient of the shipment, whose identity he did not reveal.

The official noted that this is the second largest cache of liquid methamphetamine detected in the world, after a 540-liter cache seized in Australia six months ago.

Mexican drug dealers seek new markets

Bakalov indicated that it has been detected that for a year and a half the mexican posters of the drug are ttrying to expand its business to other continents and they are no longer limited to trafficking to the United States.

He also explained that liquid methamphetamine is much easier to transport and hide, has a higher purity and can be consumed directly.

The Police have opened an investigation into possible accomplices of the detainee, who can receive a penalty of up to 10 years in prison and a 100,000 euros fine, if found guilty of drug trafficking.

The Drug seizures from Latin America are not common in BulgariaThat it is part of the drug trafficking route from the Middle East and Asia to Western Europe.


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