Hello 21H2! You can now install the new version of Windows 10

One of the main features of the most recent versions of the Windows operating system, for both good and bad, are their updates. These can come to us suddenly to correct an error, monthly, or every six months, as is the case at hand now.

At this point it goes without saying that these patches and updates that come to us take care of several important tasks. On the one hand, they can patch different vulnerabilities recently detected, or correct functional errors. Then we find the feature updates, which are usually the most comprehensive, which are sent approximately every six months to provide us with more news.

You can now download and install Windows 10 21H2

Well, it is worth mentioning that in these moments we are in one of those moments, that is, in the arrival of a great update of Windows 10. We tell you all this because the update November 2021 of the system, also known as version 21H2 for Windows 10, it is ready as of this moment. Only a few hours ago, Microsoft began with the deployment of the mentioned update, the 21H2.

In this way, the compatible equipment will gradually receive this new version of the software. The first thing to know is that the new version is a smaller update than usual and is gradually being rolled out for all compatible devices.

As usual, November 2021 should begin to take us through the Windows Update function of the system. This is found in the System Configuration application that we can easily access through the Win + I key combination. Then, just go to the section on Update and Security. Of course, we must bear in mind that it will not reach everyone at the same time, so we may have to wait a few hours or even days.

Faults that we can find in November 2021

Once we click on the Check for updates button, the new version should appear on the screen as it is available. So we can download and install it if we wish. But that’s not all, that, based on the statements of the vice president of Windows service and delivery at Microsoft, John Cable, we could also find that it is offered Windows 11. All this will depend on the compatibility of our equipment with the new version of the operating system.

It is interesting to know that the new update is installed like those that arrive monthly on our devices. But of course, it is most likely that this afternoon a little longer to finish the installation. On paper, if it is offered to our PC automatically, we should have no problem downloading and installing it. Despite all this, for the moment Microsoft lists an already known problem related to this process that we comment on.

And is that once installed the 21H2 or second update of the year for Windows 10, November 2021, we could find some printing related error. We tell you this because there is a possibility that the connections to the shared printers through the print server will fail. With everything and with it, those who wonder if it is a good idea install feature update Right now, keep in mind that it is a minor update. That means there is less chance that it will cause problems on our computer.

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