here are the 7 gestures to avoid to keep your console as long as possible

Nintendo has released an anthology of the most destructive gestures and behaviors for its console, the Switch. While most of the advice provided by the Japanese leisure giant is common sense, some suggestions deserve your full attention.

A woman plays with a Nintendo Switch / Credit: 123rf

In the Top 7 of the most harmful gestures for the Nintendo Switch, we find first of all:

1 – Drop the Nintendo Switch on the ground

Gravity is the culprit of many, many accidents and falls around the world every year. Just like humans, animals and everything that obeys the laws of physics in this world, Nintendo consoles are sensitive to violent shocks.

2 – Leave the Nintendo Switch on a couch or chair

Leaving your portable console on a couch or cushion puts it at risk of being inadvertently damaged by someone sitting on it. Damage can be visual (a cracked screen) as well as internal (your device’s motherboard could crack). Moreover, exposes the Switch to an even more pernicious evil: overheating. Placed on a surface that is too soft or too covering, the ventilation of the console works less well, which leads to a sharp increase in temperature and damages its components.

3 – Tighten the Nintendo Switch in an overfilled bag

A Switch placed in an overly tight bag experiences pressure, friction, and stress that can scratch, bend, or crack the screen, or even crack the device’s casing. As Gizchina reminds, “Pressure can also cause internal components to dislodge, which can lead to malfunction or complete failure of the device.”

Nintendo Switch gets damaged when you use the wrong cable

4 – Using the wrong cable

Although the Switch charges through a USB-C cable, the type of cable used by the Nintendo console is very specific. Swapping it with another cable of this type could cause overheating problems, which are always very bad for the internal components of the device, or even create electrical peaks, which are also harmful to the life of the electronic components.

5 – Forcing the Joy-Con plugged in at the wrong angle

This gesture could irreversibly damage your ability to use the Joy-Con in question, and therefore your game console. As our source points out, this type of damage can appear over time, if you do not systematically take care of it. store the controller gently, at the right angle.

6 – Passing the Switch too quickly from one temperature to another

Avoid places where the temperature changes too quickly (when watery tastes appear, turn off your device and place it in a warm environment until they evaporate).

7 – Leaving the console uncharged for too long

Keeping a battery empty for too long causes it to lose its ability to charge to 100% and it also causes it to lose autonomy.

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Under the other gestures that are likely to break your Nintendo Switch precision machine, we note the fact of place the Switch next to an air humidifierhandling the Switch with wet hands, touching the Switch cartridge port with your fingers, letting your pets salivate on it, using cotton swabs to clean the Switch cartridge slot, or ofremove the Joy-Con during gameplay.

Source : Gizchina

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