here are the most anticipated exclusives in 2022

We take stock of the exclusives planned for 2022 on Nintendo Switch with our top 5 of those we expect the most.

Between the manufacturers of game consoles, the competition is fierce to know which of them will have succeeded in securing the most exclusivities. For Nintendo, on the other hand, it is an extremely simple affair: the studio first operates its own licenses, and all those of which it has been the main publisher since the 1980s.

With franchises such as Mario, Zelda, Pokemon or Animal Crossing, Nintendo always has something to make us dream! We take stock of the 5 Nintendo Switch exclusives we are most looking forward to in 2022.

5. Bayonetta 3

We start our selection with an iconic franchise: Bayonetta. The third installment was announced during E3 2021, and has since been quite discreet. In addition to a cinematic revealing the entry of our heroine, we also had the right to some gameplay sequences that just make us want to dive back head first into the fights.

Between melee blows, special moves and other magic attacks involving monsters, everything is there for this new opus to once again be successful. Additional mention for the new electric look of Bayonetta, one of the female icons of video games.

4. Mario+ Rabbids Sparks of Hope

Also announced at E3 2021, this new opus bringing together Mario and the Rabbids has since been highly anticipated. And for good reason, it seems even crazier than the previous one! In this new installment, the merry band of Mario, accompanied by Rabbit Peach and Rabbit Luigi, set off on an adventure to the four corners of the galaxy to save the Sparks from a malevolent creature.

If that’s not clearly a call for long hours of play, we don’t know what is! For the moment, no release date has been announced for this title, which should see the light of day in 2022.

3. Pokémon Legends Arceus

Shortly after the release of the remasters pokemon pearl and Diamond, Nintendo offers us an opus claiming to revolutionize the entire franchise. Pokemon Legends Arceus is an open-world game in which you will have the task of listing a large number of Pokémon, and thus making the very first Pokédex. For this, you will not be alone, and can count on the help of some tools and characters.

Exit therefore the very guided adventures, here you are released in the wild region of Hisui, which is full of new Pokémon. In total, more than 200 species will be identified. While some have already been unveiled, others are yet to be discovered. We won’t have to wait long to do so since the game will be released on January 28th.

2. Splatoon 3

After two successful opuses, the developers of Splatoon come back for a third installment. Splatoon 3 will transport you to brand new arenas, which, like in the first two games, you will have to paint as much as possible with the color of your team.

Here, few new features in terms of the game system, but a slew of new content, such as new weapons, or the assault crab, which promises incomparable damage. In the story mode, expect also the return of mammals, which already promises intense fights. No release date in sight for this game that we can’t wait to find to have fun with others.

1. Breath of the Wild 2

It is, in our humble opinion, the most anticipated game on the console since it was released in 2017. And for good reason, the first opus was purely and simply a success. Already stamped as the best Zelda of the entire franchise, Breath of the Wild knew how to touch the eyes and the hearts of an entire community of players, fans from the first hour as well as newcomers.

If we do not yet know much about the sequel, we are already looking forward to finding Link, in a section that will allow him to explore the heavens in addition to the terrestrial regions. Visually, the title will take up the signature graphics of the first opus, and taken up by so many others in open world games. See you later in the year to find out more!

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