here are the prices of the different versions of the Xbox exclusive

The renowned French leaker billbil-kun, in collaboration with the Dealabs site, has struck again by revealing this time the prices of the different versions of Starfield, the long-awaited game from Bethesda.

starfield price versions
Credit: Bethesda

We definitely can’t stop billbil-kun. The well-known French insider has shared several important information about Starfield in recent days, in collaboration with the Dealabs site.

First, the leaker confirmed the existence of a new official Xbox wireless headset and wireless controller in Starfield colors. According to its sources, the two accessories will be available from June 11, 2023, the date of the Xbox Games Showcase conference centered on the game of Bethesda.

But obviously, billbil-kun still had some important information on hand: the prices of the different versions of Starfield, both on PC and on Xbox Series X / S.

Prices of the different editions of Starfield

Without further ado, here they are in detail:

standard issue

  • Desktop: €69.99
  • Xbox Series X/S: €79.99

Premium Edition

  • Computer: €104.99
  • Xbox Series X/S: €114.99

Constellation Edition

  • Computer: €299.99
  • Xbox Series X/S: €299.99

Before going any further, several things should be clarified. First of all, the prices for the Premium edition are estimates and therefore have not yet been confirmed by billbil-kun.

As for the Constellation Edition, you will have understood that behind this name hides the physical Collector’s Edition of the game. Last precision, the insider is not yet able to detail the various bonuses and additional content offered in these editions of Starfield.

The last chance conference for Microsoft

Fortunately, it will take a little patience to find out. Indeed, there is a good chance that Microsoft and Bethesda will officially present these different editions during theStarfield Direct Eventwhich will take place on June 11, 2023 just after the Xbox Games Showcase conference.

As a reminder, Microsoft is playing big with this Xbox Games Showcase. In recent months, the confidence of players in the Redmond firm has crumbled, the fault in particular of A glaring lack of quality exclusives. Some games, however announced for at least 3 years, such as the new Fable, Hellblade 2, Starfield or Forza Motorsport, are still waiting.

In addition, the American company must also make amends the totally failed launch of Redfallthe first big Xbox exclusive of 2023. The consequences of these missed promises are already visible, with a drop in Xbox Series X sales of around 30% in the first quarter of the year.

Source : Dealabs

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