Here is the first Android smartphone with an iPhone-style Lightning port

The creator of the first USB type-C compatible iPhone returns with a new project. It is the first Android smartphone with an iPhone Lightning port. The smartphone used for this is the Samsung Galaxy A51. With this port, the smartphone is charged, of course, but it can also be used to pass data.

Last year, we followed with interest the crazy project of an engineering school student who achieved a technological feat: creating the first iPhone with a USB type-C port. It’s a sweet dream of some iPhone users: to stop bothering with the Lightning connector, which today is less successful than the USB type-C port on Android smartphones. With an iPhone running USB Type-C, you only need one cable. You will also have noticed that Apple is gradually abandoning the Lightning port in its iPads.

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The iPhone model used to accommodate this USB Type-C port is a iPhone X. We have spoken about it several times in our columns, in particular on the occasion of its auction on eBay. A sale that caused a stir because the bids exceeded 100,000 dollars. A commercial success which should give a good indication to Apple as to the expectations of consumers vis-à-vis this port. Of course, there were some constraints related to this modification: the iPhone did not have to be updated, restored or erased in any way.

This Galaxy A51 is equipped with a working iPhone Lightning port

Today, Friday April 1, 2022, the author of the iPhone USB type-C returns with the opposite project: adapt the Lightning port of an iPhone on an Android smartphone. So he chose a Galaxy A51 to serve as a guinea pig. In a very short video, which you can find at the end of this article, he explains that this modification, which seems quite simple, was much more complex than expected. In a future video, he will explain the whole technical process to achieve this result.

In this teaser, however, he has time to confirm that the modified Galaxy A51 remains fully functional. Its Lightning port serves as well for the load (and fortunately) that to pass data in both ways. This of course sounds like an April Fool’s Day joke. But the author of this project confirms that it is not one, even if he affirms that he wanted, above all, to have fun. And this even if it is useless and if the Lightning port is much less efficient than the USB type-C port.

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