Here you can see the first minutes of Secret Invasion before its premiere on Disney +

The next great marvel series is just around the corner and Disney is paving the way for our hype multiply by 10. How? Well, setting up a secret website where you can discover the first minutes of the first episode. And, hey, they are priceless. Do you want to see them? We explain how.

Secret Invasion: Nick Fury is back

We have complained many times that the excessive production of Marvel series (coupled with its activity in theaters) was burning the format, but possibly many fans will make an exception when talking about it. secret invasion. The factory’s next great production for TV is one of the most anticipated titles of the year, both for its plot and for the great casting that we can enjoy in it.

With Nick Fury as the center of the story, we thus find ourselves in an action-packed series in which our protagonist discovers a great secret conspiracy by a group of Skrulls, who intend to impersonate and replace personalities in positions of power around everything. the world. In the cast we find Martin Freeman, who brings Agent Ross back to life, Ben Mendelsohn as Talos, Olivia Colman as Sonya Falsworth and Emilia Clarke -our Kalessi!- in the role of G’iah.

The series will premiere in just two weeks but if you can’t take it anymore and the trailer You have already seen it 20 times, surely you will like to know that there is a website where you can enjoy its first minutes.

The first minutes of Secret Invasion

Marvel decided to get playful on social media yesterday and, through the series’ official Twitter account, challenged fans to discover a password through a series of clues. The code was used to access the web The Invasion Has Begunin which the first minutes of chapter 1, which will be broadcast on Disney + on June 21, was staying – and in fact, it still continues, of course.

Capture of the secret website of Secret Invasion

You just have to enter the web, enter RSD3PX5N7S and hit enter on your keyboard. The video can be seen in its original version or dubbed in the language you prefer, and it also allows the use of Subtitle.

Being the starter and lasting just over 4 minutes, it doesn’t reveal much either, but it certainly serves as a great appetizer to leave us wanting much more. And it is that the series does not seem to mince words, at least at its start, and goes directly to the germ of all history From the beginning. It all begins like this in Moscow, to where agent Ross seems to have traveled to meet with another agent, Prescod, who has been investigating for some time the possible conspiracy of a group of Skrulls that would be behind the latest (apparently isolated) attacks that have taken place in Moscow. everyone. Ross does not seem very convinced of the theory, although after seeing a “proof” of what is to come, he asks Prescod to leave that information to take it to Nick Fury and that he value it. And then…

You’ll have to access the web to see it.

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