Here’s how much it really costs to save your data to OneDrive

Although, as with everything, cloud storage has its defenders and detractors, we cannot deny that platforms, such as OneDrive, are very useful to keep backup copies of our data, share them with other people and, in addition, be able to access them from anywhere. However, although companies give us a few gigs of space in their clouds, the normal thing is to ask us to go to the checkout and pay to have more space and be able to store everything we want there. And in the case of Microsoft’s cloud, do we really know how much it costs us?

The first users who signed up for Microsoft’s cloud have right now 15 GB of free storage. However, new users who sign up have only 5 GB available to use for free. This space can be expanded through some promotions, and through referred users.

Microsoft does not allow purchasing individual storage packages of 100 or 200 GB. The only way to have more storage space in this cloud is to buy a subscription to Microsoft 365. But how much space do we have through it?

Up to 6 TB of very cheap cloud storage

Microsoft 365 offers each user 1 TB of cloud storage, in addition to giving you access to all Office programs. In individual accounts we have only 1 TB of storage for a user, but in family plans we can have up to 6 users (the owner, and 5 more members), and each of them will have 1 TB of storage available to him. That makes, in total, 6 TB of storage. And, taking into account that the official price is 99 euros a year, but that we can find promotions on Amazon with which to get it for less than 50 euros a year (on Prime Day, Black Friday, etc.), they make the price be insuperable.

Keep in mind that each user in the family group can have 1 TB of storage to themselves. But nothing prevents us from having 6 email accounts controlled by us, being able to make use, without problems, of these 6 TB to save what we want. And all for less than 50 euros a year.

Considering the prices of other similar storage services, the truth is that OneDrive prices are unbeatable. Who offers us 6 TB of storage for 50 euros a year? Nobody.

Purchase additional storage on OneDrive

But what if I need more space? Once we have paid the subscription to Microsoft 365, if we need more storage, Microsoft allows us to pay a monthly subscription based on the extra space that we want to have.

And the plans, which we will find within our OneDrive account, are the following:

  • 200 GB for 2 euros per month.
  • 400 GB for 4 euros per month.
  • 600 GB for 6 euros per month.
  • 800 GB for 8 euros per month.
  • 1 TB for 10 euros per month.

Additional OneDrive cloud space

This extra space it is only valid as long as we have a subscription Microsoft 365 in force. If we stop paying it, that extra space will be canceled. In addition, in family plans, only the administrator can buy this additional space, and it will only be available for that user account.

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