Here’s how you can manage the apps you use with Sign in with Apple

For some time, Apple included the option to log in to apps and websites with which you will not have to manually fill in your email, you can do it with the information you have put in your Apple ID account. If you want to know how to manage this option, in this post we are going to tell you how you can configure it.

Undoubtedly, this option offered by Apple is a very quick and easy way to log in without having to manually type in your email and password. And it is that in order to access this option, you will have to use the unlock method that your device has, either Touch ID or Face ID.

In addition to being able to log in this way, you can also hide your email if you wish to prevent tracking or spam emails from reaching you. And it is that everyone knows that Apple has always been concerned about the safety of users, and it is one of the technology companies that can have the fewest failures in this regard.

Manage the apps

If you want to change the settings or simply manage them, you will have to go to the account settings of your Apple ID. Once there you will see a list of apps you use with Sign in with Apple. If you want to see the information you’ve shared with an app, choose any of the apps that appear in the list. You can also access the privacy policy and its terms and conditions.

If you’ve chosen to hide your email address in an app, you can turn off email forwarding to your personal address to stop receiving messages from a particular developer in your inbox. You can also change your forwarding address to any email address you have on file with your Apple ID account, or choose to stop using Sign in with Apple with an app or website.


If you want to disable email forwarding, on the iPhone go to settings and click on your name. Then tap Passwords & Security and then tap Apps that use your Apple ID. Once there, select the app or developer and then tap the option to manage settings. When you’re there, tap the switch to disable Forward To.

To change the forwarding address, follow these steps:

  1. On iPhone, go to Settings and tap your name.
  2. Tap Name, Phone numbers, Email, and then tap Forward to under Hide my email.
  3. Select the address you want emails to be forwarded to. When you select the email address, the action applies to emails from all apps and developers that use Hide My Email.

If you want to stop using Sign in with Apple with an app, andOn iPhone, go to Settings and tap your name. Click Passwords & Security and then Apps that use your Apple ID. Then select the app or developer, and then tap Stop Using Apple ID.

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