Herman Miller and Logitech have inadvertently manufactured the official PS5 chair

Sitting well is an art. Let’s face it, few are those who, when they start working in the office, or at home when they return in the afternoon, sit on the chair with a natural posture, So the best way to correct a mania that is so detrimental to our health is to get one of those new gamer models that have become popular and that are capable of protecting us from the lumbosacral area to the neck with a care that looks like our mother.

Logitech partners with Herman Miller

The manufacturer of accessories and peripherals for gamers he understood that he had it in his power to build the chair gaming perfect and nothing better than do it with one of the most recognized brands within the sector such as the North American company founded in 1923 Herman Miller. A name that is associated with refined and extremely comfortable models of chairs and armchairs for offices, offices, etc.

The result of that collaboration is a model that they have baptized as Vantum and that when you look at it from the front it begins to remind you of those stylized PS5 lines. It is true that the color of the upholstery is different from the white of the Sony machine, but the backrest, the way it rises and ends in the headrest brings back to mind that sail shape of the Japanese console.

But hey, even if it’s not the official PS5 chair and we don’t have one of those consoles, we’re not going to get tired of wanting to buy a model with the characteristics of this Vantum sponsored by Logitech and Herman Miller that, above all things , sells comfort and extreme care of each of the parts of our body that come into contact with it, as if we were in the cabin of a brand new Boeing 747.

Vantum Logitech.

comfort above all

Herman Miller Logitech

as we say, this chair does not sell LED lights, or decorative elements that we are not going to enjoy very much when we sit on it, but rather comfort since it always keeps us in the optimal position in front of the desk where we have the computer or the console. That means taking care that our neck remains straight and that the spine is perfectly fixed to the back of the chair.

A pressure control has even been added in the sacrocostal area for those people who feel more comfortable when they have a pressure area that forces them not to be thrown in the chair. But that is not the only control accessory since we can also calibrate the amount of rocking, the height of the chair and the armrests as well as their proximity to the table. And of course, the entire backrest has been given a breathable surface on which we are going to spend hours every day and an adjustable headrest to our needs.

If you’re thinking you want one, know that you can order it now at a price of 1,288 euros and you have it in three color combinations: black obsidian, red flare and white polar. It is true that it is a very high outlay but… who does not prefer to be comfortable knowing that they have a chair under their body designed to last for years?

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