Hideo Kojima unveils ‘radical project’ with intriguing image

After a lot of rumors, Hideo Kojima is finally showing a piece of his next project that may have nothing to do with video games.

With each new year, many people look to the future by making good resolutions or starting new projects. In 2022, Hideo Kojima also shared his ambitions with the whole world, in a Happy New Year message with a particular taste. Indeed, the game designer said he wanted to start a rather mysterious “radical project” at this time. However, we have some assumptions about it.

In the message, we can read: ” this year, I will start a new job in earnest, and take it to the next level of experimentation with a radical project. I also hope to start the video team. And maybe I will start something, like a radio project? »With the mystery that we know him, Hideo Kojima tells us about his work in progress without revealing their content.

Kojima Productions on all fronts

With the information we have today, it seems likely that this radical project is linked either to video games or to the audiovisual industry in general. For the first option, we know that the game creator aims to develop a title of a new genre, which would evolve in real time with the world. For the moment, it is not known if it will be developed in collaboration with Microsoft or Sony, and therefore if it will be an Xbox or PlayStation exclusive.

As for the second option, we remind you that Hideo Kojima decided in November to found a new branch of his company, named Kojima Productions, and it is dedicated to the production of films, music and programs. televised. For the moment, this branch is not involved in any project known to the general public. The visual associated with the news will not help us see more clearly, so we suggest that you stay tuned for the next few weeks.

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