HiFi Rose’s new integrated amplifier boasts exquisite design and the purest sound

HiFi Rose is a new Korean software firm that wants to become one of the great references in the sound sector. And we have a new example in the HiFiRose RA180, an integrated amplifier that falls in love at first sight.

To say that this product is the firm’s first integrated amplifier, and that it is complemented by its line of speakers and the Rose RS150B HiFi streaming player. Their main weapons? A design that will attract all eyes, as well as a soundscape beyond any doubt.

To say that HiFi Rose is a company owned by Citech, Korean company specialized in offering sound products with a high quality screen. Although, curiously, this HiFi Rose RA180 amplifier dispenses with just this element. Don’t worry, on the front you’ll have everything you need to control this team.

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Design and features of the HiFi Rose RA180

To begin with, on an aesthetic level it is a product that will attract all eyes thanks to a simply spectacular design. It has finishes in noble materials in polished aluminum, which gives this HiFi Rose RA180 a very premium look.

As you can see in the images that accompany this article, the new HiFi Rose integrated amplifier features all sorts of knobs, switches, and VU meters to control every last parameter of playback. The idea? Bet on a retro system that attracts the most purist audiophiles.

And it is that HiFi Rose offers great customization optionsbeing able to modify the bass and treble tones, it has the flat frequency response can be adjusted to 100 Hz and 10 kHz, respectively, with a gain of ± 15 dB, including an MM/MC compatible phono stage since it is designed to support a variety of turntables with mid and low frequency bass roll and high frequency roll-off adjustment and with equalization filters to listen to your vinyl as the author intended.

HiFi Rose says: “SIt is known that the human hearing range has an upper limit of 15 – 20KHz. So why would it be necessary to build an amplifier with a higher range? Thanks to modern research and experience, it may be a good time to question this belief. Temporal highs can extend well beyond 20KHz. For example, the trumpet has a frequency response that expands up to 100KHz. The HiFi Rose RA180 has an output range of 20Hz – 50Khz, 100Khz@-3dB, 200KHz @-6dB. The frequency response range is designed to be wide so that high resolution sound sources are not filtered out. This capability may be beyond the human audible range, but at a wide frequency, it faithfully reproduces the zone. The depth and breadth of the sound and the realism will contribute to the expression.”

You can now buy it in Spain

HiFiRose RA180

Continuing with the characteristics of the HiFi Rose RA180, this amplifier also configures the split signal between both channels, as well as offering a bypass mode to connect any source connected to the power amplifier stage without having to go through the preamplifier. It also has a balanced and three unbalanced RCA inputs, a subwoofer output, as well as the possibility of connecting up to 8 speakers.

The company claims that its HiFi Rose RA180 is a class D product through the use of materials such as gallium nitride FET instead of silicon, which achieves a more precise amplification stage.

Without a doubt, an integrated amplifier for the most music-loving users, although the price shoots up a bit. Mainly because You can now buy the HiFi Rose RA180 at a price of 6,999 euros.

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