High! Read this if your iPhone charging port has gotten wet

Things you should not do

Once the accident has occurred, it is not possible to go back, but if it can be avoided that the problem does not grow. That is why in the following points we warn you what are the most important things that you should not do now under any circumstances.

Shake or shake the iPhone

It may seem that it makes sense to shake the iPhone with the Lightning connector facing down so that any water that may have entered falls off. However, it is not advisable to make very sudden movements at this point, since in the end you will also be spreading the water from the connector.

If water ends up entering the internal circuits of the iPhone, the device could suddenly stop working with no possibility of repair. Therefore it is better that you keep it still on a dry surface where there is not too much moisture.

Test if charging via cable

Error! We understand that after the splash you have many doubts about whether the connector has been saved and you can recharge your iPhone normally, but it is better not to rush. Even if it has been a few minutes since the iPhone has gotten wet and you can apparently think it is dry, there may still be traces of water.

Connecting the wire to the wet connector could be dangerous because it would create a short circuit. And this, in addition to the fact that it could end up messing with your device, could also cause problems for your physical integrity. We do not believe that a fire or a large explosion will be caused by it, but prevention is better than cure and at this point all precautions are little.

Put it in rice

Surely you have heard it many times, but far from popular belief, this is not a good thing. Rice is often said to help dry your cell phone when it’s wet, something that really has its share of scientific evidence, but in this case it’s not enough. In fact it can end up being worse than not put it in rice.

If a particle of rice or starch gets inside the iPhone, it could have devastating effects on the circuitry. As we also said in the previous point, nothing serious could happen, but again we believe that it is better not to tempt luck.

iphone rice

Try to dry it with a hair dryer

Air dryers are great devices for drying hair, but not for drying water from a mobile device. Precisely the fact that they are air is the origin and cause that the problem can go further. If you use it to dry the water port, you will be spreading all the water, causing it to even drain inside, with effects similar to if you are shaking it as we mentioned in the first point of this section of things you should not do.

What is advisable to do to avoid problems

Important are the things that you should not do, but once known it is also relevant to know what you can do and even what you should do. In the following points we will tell you about it.

How to dry it properly

Ideally, you should leave the iPhone in a dry surface and, if possible, with a towel or something like that underneath in case it leaks water, this being the one that absorbs it. It is ideal that there is no humidity and that it is a warm environment, although it is not advisable that there is too much heat or that the sun hits it directly.

To dry the entire iPhone so much it is advisable to use dry wipes and for the hole in question you should use lint-free swabs, so that they can absorb the liquid inside without leaving a trace of lint or other elements. And try to do everything gently, avoiding spreading more water for the reasons that we already explained in another previous section of this post.

Play a sound at maximum volume

If you have an Apple Watch, you will have verified that the way it has to remove possible liquid from its interior is by emitting a series of high-pitched sounds that make all the water escape through the speakers. Well, doing the same with the iPhone can also serve to release that liquid and even if it is from the speakers, it will also affect the Lightning connector.

This is as simple as opening YouTube and looking for sounds from a horn or something similar. Play it for about 15 seconds at the maximum volume possible. Obviously another wide range of sounds works, but we recommend that because it is sharp and continuous, therefore being ideal for creating vibrations that remove the water from within.

speaker iPhone 7

If the mobile no longer charges after this

Once the iPhone is completely dry, you will have tried charging it. If it does not work and you have even tried other cables, obviously the connector has been damaged due to water. Here are two important points that you should know after that.

The warranty does not cover these damages

Even having an iPhone that is certified for protection against water, Apple is not responsible for any damage caused by it. Therefore, you will have to pay if or if the cost of the replacement. And yes, we say replacement and not repair because the company does not repair that damage in question, but offers you another reconditioned device identical to yours and fully functional as if it were new. Therefore the cost will vary depending on the iPhone you have.

This applies to both Apple and SATs, since other unauthorized stores may not directly repair your device or, if they do, they may not offer guarantees for the use of original parts. Remember in any case to always request information in this regard to avoid disappointment.

Apple Genius Bar Technical Service

Try wireless charging

The emergency solution The most ideal is to charge the iPhone on a wireless charging base, although as long as you have made sure that there is nothing else that is wrong with the device. It can be useful between waiting for the appointment with technical support or as a definitive solution if you do not want to pay the cost of replacing the device.

Yes indeed, iPhone 8 and later only They have this possibility of charging, so if your terminal is older than this one, you will have to resign yourself to paying the repair price or buying a new device.

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