HireAI, the new solution powered by GPT-4 that will help Arc in the search for candidates

In the midst of digitalization, companies continue to immerse themselves in the race to find the most qualified profiles that allow them to optimize their services and impose their dominance over the main competitors in the market. It is because of that Arc has decided to revolutionize its employment platform for software developers with the launch of HireAI.

HireAI is a new tool powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 that replaces the manual work of searching for candidates for remote positions among the more than 250,000 people that make up the arc database. In this way, a rigorous, precise and personalized work is allowed in which the curricula are analyzed, compared and a massive reach is achieved.

The fact of simplify or automate tasks such as writing job descriptions, recruiting candidates or promoting outreach through the use of artificial intelligence will help free up time for teams. In this way, they will be able to allocate it to tasks that are strategically more important for the economic future of the company.

After this first scale, those responsible will be able to meet with the candidates to closely analyze if they meet the pre-established requirements and the company culture, as well as analyze their personal and professional objectives. Thanks to HireAI, values important in the corporate fabric such as equality, diversity and full inclusion of all candidates, without exclusion based on gender, ethnic origin or age.

Arc is committed, thanks to the improvement with HireAI, to senior developers find jobs in just 14 daysspeaking directly to hiring managers and receiving multiple job offers from growing companies in just two weeks.

Its method of operation

Any company will be able to have free access to Arc’s HireAI. It will suffice to load the exact description of the job position to be filled and provide a short list of candidates, qualifying preferences with each match. In this way, companies will be able to know first-hand, and with full accuracy, the different profiles available.

weiting liuCEO and founder of Arc, has pointed out that the noise-to-signal ratio is very high in the case of searching for global remote candidates, thus suppressing the investments of time and money of managers from all over the world and promoting a noticeable increase in profitability and business productivity. In addition, he qualifies that these AI tools such as HireAI they have not been created to replace recruitersbut as support in front of operations of great responsibility.

Now with HireAI, the human resources teams of companies are given full freedom. They will be able to decide if they wish to participate, through manual selection, or not. Besides, The entire recruitment process is automated generating descriptions through conversations with an AI recruiter. This device manages to generate a 100% natural and human conversationproviding instant matches.

Arc’s Background

HireAI is a real game changer, as previously companies using Arc had to submit their job requirements by completing a detailed form. Later on, Arc began to incorporate your own machine learning algorithm to find the best candidates or they were even the ones who applied to those occupations that interested them or for which they met the requirements.

For its part, the platform’s team of recruiters was in charge of manually selecting the ideal candidates for their clients to review, which implied a huge investment of time.

Since HireAI was launched internally, Arc has found that companies have gained twice as likely to interview developers if these have been previously matched using HireAI. It is expected that in the near future its use will be extended to a general level in all areas.

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