Hisense Hi Reader, an electronic book reader with tablet functions

Hisense Hi Reader is a pocket electronic book reader that has just been introduced by the Chinese firm, one of the few that uses electronic ink panels in smartphones and tablets. And it is that we tend to associate these screens with e-readers, but they are also used in other mobility devices, in digital signage and other applications.

Seen from the outside, the Hisense Hi Reader looks more like a smartphone than an e-book reader. It measures 7.5mm thick and only weighs 177 grams. Much easier to carry in a pocket and use with one hand than most of the Kindle or Kobo devices that dominate the reader segment.

Use a screen 6.7-inch e-ink and native resolution of 1280 x 825 pixels. Supporting 16 shades of gray, it features a 36-level brightness front light and capacitive touch input support. Your octa-core processor Unisoc T610the 4 Gbytes of RAM and 64 GB of storage are not bad for a reader and should make it easier to use for other functions.

This is possible due to the Android operating system that it installs and that, in addition to reading e-books or playing music or podcasts, can run third-party applications. It does not have native support for the Google Play Store, so some manufacturers are loading the devices with the Aurora Store, a open source clone of the play store that allows you to download and use many (not all) of the thousands of apps from the official store.

Hisense Hi Reader, an e-book reader with tablet functions 29

It has a 3,000 mAh battery that should offer several days of autonomy, Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5 wireless connections and a 3.5 mm audio jack that we miss in many smartphones and that will come in handy to use it as music player.

The Hisense Hi Reader is available in China for 280 dollars to change. It can be purchased in stores such as Aliexpress for international sale, although we assume that the price will increase. Curious this pocket electronic book reader with tablet functions and music player. If you are interested, you can review this analysis in Chinese of a pocket reader

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