Historic: Chile approves same-sex marriage

In a historical session, ehe Congress of Chile approved a bill that allows people of the same sex to marry, an initiative that began to be reviewed more than four years ago and that today is possible due to the insistence of the groups LGBTTTIQ +.

This Tuesday, the proposal was reviewed in the Low camera during the afternoon, where it was approved by 82 votes in favor, 20 against and 2 abstentions in a memorable session that ended with applause.

Hours before, he had obtained the go-ahead from the High camera, where he got the backing of 21 senators, 8 voted against and 3 abstained.

Thus, chili thus becomes the eighth country in Latin America in legalizing same-sex marriage after Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, Ecuador, Costa Rica and various states of Mexico.

The norm allows marriages to be called unions between persons of the same sex and also enable adoption and the affiliation of children to both parents, one of the key points of the discussion.

The LGBT community in Chile celebrates the decision

The decision was held by LGTBI organizations of the country, which have been urging parliamentary proceedings for weeks and which this afternoon called a celebration in the central Plaza Italia in Santiago.

“This is a historic step. We finally put an end to structural inequalities and dignify people of sexual and gender diversity,” he said. Ramon Gomez, in charge of Human Rights of the Homosexual Integration and Liberation Movement (Movilh).

The Equal Marriage Project was introduced in 2017 thanks to the impulse of the former socialist president Michelle Bachelet (2014-2018) and it was stagnant for almost four years.

Last July, in a surprising twist, the current president, the right-wing Sebastian Piñera, promoted the initiative, as he said that the time had “come” to approve it and he instructed Parliament to debate it urgently.

The ad fell like a jug of cold water among the more conservative sectors of the right, who llast week they voted against and they prolonged the discussion for another seven days.

Until now and since 2015, homosexual people they only had the legal figure of the Civil Union Agreement (AUC), that does not recognize filiative rights.

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