Historic discount! AirPods have never been so cheap

The new price of AirPods 2

If we go to Apple stores, we see that the 2nd generation AirPods cost 179 euros. A price that may be more or less justifiable based on your own opinion, but that is undoubtedly much higher than the 105 that they cost on Amazon. This discount of 74 euros It is a 40% discount that I have never had before.

This discount is in the version whose case cannot be recharged wirelessly, this being the only difference with the other version of AirPods 2. Taking that into account and that the discount is also very interesting, we believe that it more than compensates for acquiring this version, Since the cable through which the case will be charged is included. In any case, if you prefer the model with that wireless charging capability, it also has a discount of 60 euros that, despite being at a higher final price than the other, is also interesting.

What are the conditions of purchase?

Although Amazon sells these headphones, the seller is really Apple. Therefore they are headphones completely new and originalYou can also have the option to purchase AppleCare + during the purchase process as if it were an Apple Store. There is also a return period at least 30 days in case you are not satisfied.

They offer a 2 years warranty with coverage from Apple during the first one and Amazon during the second. And the one referring to availability You should know that they are shipped in a few days because they have enough stock, although it is likely to change depending on the area of ​​Spain in which you are.

offer airpods 2 apple

Yes, the offer could change and go up in price at any time. Amazon often offers discounts like these, but sometimes they have a limited duration depending on the level of sales. Therefore, if you want to ensure this price, we advise you to hurry up to buy them.

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