Historical discount on AirPods Max: they were never so cheap

AirPods Max aren’t just the best apple headphones, but they are also more expensive. Predictable right? Well, despite everything we must say that today they are news because they are available with the lowest price in its history, which makes the purchase more attractive for those who were already thinking about it and can be an incentive for those who had not even considered it.

These AirPods Max, although they are on sale in various stores, it is in amazon where they find better possibilities. Not just for the 3 years warranty you’ll get, but also for finding discounts on various colors and immediate shipments for having enough stock. If we take into account that they are also sold by Apple itself through this store, we already have full guarantees that it is a good place to buy them.

What is the historical reduction of the AirPods Max?

Neither more nor less than 34% is the discount that these headphones have right now on Amazon, which is a savings of 214 euros which is not negligible if we take into account that Apple still costs 629 euros. Of course, the blue version has a discount of 122 euros, but in the rest (black, silver, pink and green) they have those mentioned 214 euros discount.

One thing to keep in mind is that you are They are usually temporary offers. It is not expected that in the next few hours they will rise in price, but it is not ruled out either. Keep in mind that in the end Amazon offers prices many times lower than those of the official stores, but always depending on the available stock, so they may run out or for purely commercial reasons go back up.

AirPods Max

TOP 5 features of these AirPods Max

Although they are not 629 euros, we cannot deny that for some the price of these headphones may still be high. However, it must be borne in mind that they are high end headphones. We already did an extensive review of them, but to summarize, we will tell you what the most interesting specifications are:

  • Design and materials: Aesthetically, these AirPods Max do not resemble their competitors, offering a unique style in which their construction materials are also differential, offering here also some aluminum-based premium range.
  • They are tremendously comfortable: Precisely thanks to their form factor and breathable headband, these headphones don’t get uncomfortable over the hours because you don’t realize you’re wearing them. Even on very hot days, they breathe perfectly and are not annoying.

AirPods Max controls

  • Noise Cancellation: It is one of its star features and it is not for less, since it allows you to completely isolate yourself in noisy environments. In fact, even on a plane you will continue to play content with great sound quality without the sound of the engine or other passengers being able to bother you.
  • Sound quality: It is precisely the strongest point, offering enviable quality and suitable for music lovers who want to listen to songs at the highest possible quality. They are not the best on the market at this point, but considering that the highest fidelity ones cost more than 1,000 and even 2,000 euros, they are the best choice in this range.
  • Compatibility made in Apple: if you use iPhone, iPad and/or Mac, these headphones are the ones that will show the best harmony with them. You can even go from playing content from one to another without having to touch anything at all, since they do it automatically.
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