Historical! Paralympic athlete swims from Bolivia to Peru across Lake Titicaca

The paralympic athlete Théo Curin, 20, made history this Saturday by swimming across the Titicaca lake from Bolivia to Peru, a distance of 120 kilometers that he made without receiving help and under extreme weather conditions together with his team.

The French medalist had a fulminant meningitis at six years old and that caused him to have his limbs amputated, although this did not stop him from realizing his dreams that made him the first person to swim across the city of Copacabana, in Bolivia, to the floating islands of the Uros in front of the bay of Puno in Peru.

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Théo Curin crossed the icy waters of Lake Titicaca in 10 days with swimmer Malia Metella, five times champion of Europe and Olympic medalist in Athens 2004, already Matthieu witvoet which in 2017 traveled 18 thousand kilometers in bike by 17 countries, indicates the EFE agency.

The three dragged in turns during their tour swimming a boat in which they slept and ate. The purpose of this challenge is to create awareness on disability, resilience and protection of the planet, EFE points out.

That is why during their tour they filtered fresh water from the lake to drink, they also stored their food in reusable bags not to generate waste pollutants, details the AFP agency.

More about Théo Curin

Swimmer Théo Curin hails from eastern France and in the Paralympic Games in Rio in 2016 he obtained fourth place in the 200 meters freestyle, in addition to being double vice world champion, details AFP.

Due to the problems he had to qualify for the games of Tokyo He decided to resign and prepare to swim across the 122 km of Lake Titicaca with two companions.

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“I want to have a good time. I have been training every day, twice a day for seven years. I have never won, I do not have the feeling of having achieved anything. I could not get a medal at the Games for the inequalities in my classification, “said Curin in an interview for AFP.

As part of their preparation, the three swimmers trained in the Pyrenees and held training sessions. hyperbaric chamber to simulate the environmental and hypoxic conditions of Titicaca for a year, says EFE.


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