Hit the ear: SteelSeries Arctis PRO on sale 30% off!

What can you ask of a current gaming headset from the premium range? Good sound of course, precision, fidelity, good materials, comfort … Did we miss something? Well if so, surely this Arctis PRO has it, and if not, we will demonstrate it.

Arctis PRO, is it the best SteelSeries has ever made?

If you want to hear everything, absolutely everything that your ear can perceive, then you have to go beyond the typical 20 kHz of gaming headphones, and despite being a sufficient range for everyone, here we are talking about something else.

These Arctis PRO go up to 40 kHz, which is twice the normal for a PC headset. And it does so curiously with two 40mm neodymium drivers, even though the industry has 50mm as the current high-end standard. But it is that these “little ones” are capable of offering a frequency response from the 10 Hz even the named 40,000 Hz, all with a sensitivity of 102 dB SPL and an impedance of 32 Ohm.

The most impressive thing without a doubt is their harmonic distortion, which is below 1%, which indicates the degree of fidelity and sound precision that we will have when putting them on our head. This is also a remarkable point, since we have to emphasize that the structure is made of aluminum, so its weight is really contained and it also helps to know that it has memory foam pads and a plush that will maintain a correct restraint on our head.

Steel, DTS Headphone: X 2.0 and ClearCast

Steel must be added to high-quality aluminum, since the parts of greater pressure and effort have been reinforced with this material to guarantee the structure and general quality over time.

On the other hand, it is one of the few headphones that are certified with DTS Headphone: X V2.0 Surround, which will allow us a better precision of our enemies as well as a higher sound quality to hear even the smallest movement. As expected, it also has lighting, specifically based on Prism RGB, compatible with all the brand’s peripherals.

Finally we have to talk about its microphone, since it is retractable, it has bidirectional noise cancellation, a frequency response of 100 to 10,000 Hz, a sensitivity of -38 dBV and an impedance of 2,200 Ohm with noise cancellation.

If after reading all this you have not wanted to buy it, let us comment on its sale price, since it goes from 199.99 euros to only 139.99 euros, a discount of 30%, Just like that!

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