Hitachi Vantara introduces new cloud security services in its HARC

Hitachi Vantara says goodbye to the year by expanding the portfolio of managed and consulting services of its Hitachi Application Reliability Centers or HARC. Or what is the same, the company application reliability centers tasked with designing, building, and running workloads in the cloud private, public, hybrid and multicloud to help build more competitive and active businesses.

It does this by including new cloud security services as crucial components of HARC, offering Enhanced DevSecOps for customers who browse the cloud.

And all this, thank you Strengthening data protection and workload security of global cloud applications, across any cloud platform or environment, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, to securely and reliably optimize costs and improve performance.

A solution that comes at a crucial time where more and more organizations work day by day in the cloud, managing outstanding operational complexities in their hybrid and multicloud environments. And also, the resulting enlarged attack surfaces.

Note that prominent cloud and cybersecurity loopholes may exacerbate the problem, leaving data, digital infrastructure and applications in a situation of special vulnerability. In fact, according to recent studies, cloud-based data was compromised in 39% of ransomware attacks.

Data-Centric Security

This new service from Hitachi Vantara will help reduce complexity by offering IT managers a multi-layer security to protect data at five different critical layers in any organization: cloud, container, cluster, customer data and code.

“With the addition of cloud security services as part of the HARC portfolio, we are adding the tools, processes and approach our customers need (…) Hitachi Vantara’s strategy is focused on a data-driven approach that considers infrastructure, applications and data together to create a single, unified view,” said Premkumar Balasubramanian, CTO of Hitachi Vantara Digital Solutions.

It should be noted that both data-centric security and compliance itself provide a high level of protection to achieve the long-awaited end to end security, no matter the platform, the amount of data or the size of the application.

It is, therefore, services that can be personalized and resorting to practices such as zero trust architecture and automation. Helping to increase visibility, mitigate threats and enforce regulatory compliance.

These new application security services can also be customized to ensure that the right controls are built into all aspects of a customer’s cloud operations.

HARC is an important pillar for Hitachi Vantara. Hence the importance of taking a holistic approach and modernizing infrastructure, applications and data together to take advantage of distributed and hybrid cloud environments and build a customized cloud strategy.

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