Hogwarts Legacy corroborates it, we pay to find bugs in unfinished games

We find ourselves, on the part of the large development studios, in a great hurry to launch games. The deadlines, from what we can see, are getting shorter when it comes to launching new video games and that is bad. Hogwarts Legacy has hit the market clearly unfinishedwith thousands of bugs and a flagrant lack of optimization, but, it is not the only one.

Games like Warzone 2.0 or Cyberpunk 2077, are examples of unfinished and unoptimized games that have been released by deadlines. It seems that from the start of development until the game is released, less and less time passes. This makes users pay (or not, if it’s free) to be beta testers of the games.

A pleasure that becomes an ordeal

To begin with, say that Hogwarts Legacy has not been officially released, but it is already playable. What’s more, we see how many streamers have played the game and some conclusions can already be drawn. The most obvious, the development times are getting shorter and that generates countless problems for video games.

It has become a trend to release unfinished games, even with delays. Let’s remember that Cyberpunk 2077 was delayed to fix and optimize bugs, for not being finished. The funniest thing is that, despite the delay, it is clear that the game was launched without being finished, with dozens of bugs and failures. And we are not talking about a game of 10-20 euros, we are talking about a game of 60 euros, without counting the happy DLC.

cyberpunk 2077 game bugWarzone 2.0 is another case of games that are not finished but they are thrown The particularity of this game is that it has no cost for the user, at least initially. Within the game we can acquire passes that give us different skins. But, given the disaster of the game that it is, it does not invite you to pay anything. Honestly, playing it exhausts me for the times that closes for no reason and because sometimes it disconnects me from the game seconds after it starts, losing everything I have on me.

What these cases invite you to think is that they do not care, it only matters to sell and recover the investment. It doesn’t matter throwing a product to the market that malfunctions, total, we are stupid and we buy them and we play them, despite knowing it. But the most bloody thing is that nobody cares and by nobody, I mean regulated bodies.

hogwarts legacy bug

A quality conformity marking is urgently needed

A car, a household appliance and many other products pass standardized quality controls. It still seems strong that a video game must pass a series of filters, but it would not hurt to avoid this trend. Nobody was interested in loot boxes until EA got out of hand and a great conflict was generated that has ended up making them illegal, more or less.

It is clear that video game consumers cannot be constantly finding unfinished games. It would be like buying a book with missing pages or a movie with parts missing. It has reached an untenable point and that particularly distances me from video games. It’s getting harder and harder for me to try or get interested in new games, because I don’t feel like paying for unfinished botch jobs.

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