Hogwarts Legacy is a success: the game is already the first phenomenon of 2023

The bigots have not gotten away with it this time and, despite the controversy, Hogwarts Legacy it is an undeniable success. Not only that: the new adaptation of the universe created by JK Rowling has already been crowned as the first phenomenon of 2023 as far as games are concerned.

Games drive leisure and nothing better than the two hits in the short time we’ve had this year to illustrate it: the first in the form of a series, but with a videogame background, is the adaptation of The Last of Us from HBO; the second, nothing less than another adaptation, but it is in reverse, from the movies and novels to PC and consoles, for now PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.

Indeed, Hogwarts Legacy is sweeping at all levels regardless of the controversies that it drags, which are more than one as we are. The first, the failed boycott attempt by the totalitarians on duty who do not accept any opinion other than their own, and who, following different statements by the author of the magical world, threatened to sink the launch of the game. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for the rest of the world, the cancellation has turned out to be a frog.

But it’s not just politics that has stood in the way of Hogwarts Legacy. The game itself has also done so, which, as is usually more common than desirable, has come out with more errors than it should, with content that lacks polishing in some aspects and, as an outstanding element for bad, with a very improvable optimization which, depending on the scenario, may degrade the performance or graphics of the title. But even these problems have not been an obstacle to its success.

Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy It is sweeping all levels yes: as far as the opinion of specialized critics is concerned, the game settles depending on the platform with a remarkable high and even outstanding, based on the average scores they collect on Metacritic, very much in line with the scores given by users. This is how things are also going on Steam, where it already accumulates more than 33,000 ratings with an average rating of “very positive”.

What about sales? Let’s say that for a month Hogwarts Legacy It was put on pre-sale, everything has gone as expected; but it has been leaving the game and beginning to see the first gameplays on sites like Twitch, YouTube or TikTok, where the game is an absolute trend, and sales have skyrocketed. As an example, Hogwarts Legacy is since its release on Friday, best selling game on steam by far, they point to Business Insider and corroborate the SteamDB data.

and for now, Hogwarts Legacy It’s only available for PC (Windows, but it’s already verified for Steam Deck, ergo it should work great on Linux), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series. Lack yet to come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch (We will have to see how they do it to, at least, keep the graphic level to a minimum). In other words, its success is expected to be even greater and persistent in the medium and long term.

Do you want to know more about this open world RPG set in the legendary Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Then do not miss our analysis of Hogwarts Legacy. Oh, and head over to our free games and offers section if you want to get it at a discount, because by digging around a bit you can save a lot.

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