HomePod mini is coming to more countries soon

HomePod mini

It seems that Apple has not thrown in the towel in the market for smart speakers. Those who thought that after the original HomePod was discontinued, Apple gave up having a speaker with Siri, were very wrong. Proof of this is that the current HomePod mini, will soon reach more countries.

The problem with the HomePod mini is its user interface. With no screen or keyboard, you can only use it with your voice. And to reach more countries, you obviously need to “speak” and “understand” more languages. Soon the HomePod mini, will be “Swedish.”

It has happened to all of us more than once, when you have wanted to give an order to your HomePod, and it has done the Swedish thing, going over your request. Well it seems that shortly the HomePod mini will become the real Swedish, and will begin to be marketed in Sweden, speaking in Swedish, of course.

A report published in Teknivecka explains that Apple is testing the HomePod mini in Sweden. Several Swedish users are beta testers testing Apple’s smart speaker in its native language, before being launched in said European country. The video we show below proves it.

Said article ensures that in a few months the Swedish HomePod mini’s voice recognition system could be on the verge. They have been testing for eight weeks in Sweden, and there is still some time to finish debugging the system, and for Siri to understand Swedish with ease.

In the latest HomePod mini software update, in addition to adding support for Apple Music Voice Plan, Dutch and Russian languages ​​were also added for Siri on the HomePod, suggesting that the HomePod mini is coming soon to at least Russia, Netherlands Y Sweden.

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