Horizon Forbidden West emphasizes accessibility

Guerrilla Games has unveiled all the accessibility features in its highly anticipated upcoming game, Horizon Forbidden West.

In a few days the sequel will be released Horizon Forbidden West, one of the most anticipated PlayStation exclusives of the year (decade?). Before picking up your controller on February 18, Guerrilla Games, the studio in charge of development, wanted to reveal the efforts made in terms of accessibility.

For those who are not yet familiar with this term, it is all the parameters that can be adapted to certain disabilities (motor, visual, auditory, etc.) or game preferences. These parameters therefore make it possible to render the most accessible game for all types of gamers. To find them, no need to look far, they are usually found in the Accessibility tab directly in the game options.

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Basic settings

In Horizon Forbidden West, we thus find basic parameters, such as the choice of language, subtitles, or even a section dedicated to commands via the game menu. You can also choose between several levels of difficulty, the Story level being the easier to grasp. In addition to that, it turns out that you can customize the damage that Aloy inflicts or suffers, in addition to adding the Easy Loot option, so that you no longer have to detach the machine parts to recover them once dead.

We now move on to the controller, which can be a real challenge for some people. Be aware that all the buttons on your DualSense or DualShock 4 are completely modifiable. The studio also introduces the co-pilot mode, which allows the blind in particular to take advantage of a second controller with reversed controls. Thanks to the gyroscope, you can also activate the option that allows you to adjust the position of your bow with slight movements.

Options for novices

For beginner players, rest assured Guerrilla Games has not forgotten you. If the pace of the game is too fast for you, you can adjust all idle settings (focus, weapon wheel opening, aiming, etc) to give you even more time. In addition, you can activate the aiming aid, or an option that allows you to better see the attachment points, even without the focus activated.

The studio nevertheless specifies that it ” There are other auto settings to save you time, including Auto Sprint, Auto Heal (when your health is below 50%) and Auto Ailegide (which deploys when you fall from a height, once the skill is unlocked ). »

We finish on all the parameters concerning the audio and the visual, common to many games now. We think in particular of the parameters for the music, the dialogues, the sound effects or the activation of the tinnitus effects. Visually you can customize camera shake, motion blur settings, but also the entire HUD of the game. See you next February 18 on PS4 and PS5 to find out Horizon Forbidden West and all its parameters!

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