Horror: He lay down on the tracks and let the train crush his legs to collect millions in insurance

A 54 year old Hungarian man contract 14 insurance policies for extreme risk for more than 2.4 million euros (56 million Mexican pesos) and committed one of the most gruesome acts in order to collect them: lay down on the train tracks and let it run over him, so they had to amputate both limbs from the knees down.

However, lthe insurers refused to hand over the money when his wife asked for the payments, as they suspected that the man I had done it intentionally since he had contracted the 14 policies a year before the alleged accident that occurred on July 30, 2014, reports the English outlet Daily Mail.

When the incident happened seven years ago, the man identified only as Sandor Cs., explained to the authorities that he was walking along the train track and that stepped on a piece of glass, which made him lose his balance and fall just as a train that had left minutes before a nearby station passed.

However the Central District Court of Pest, Hungary, determined only on November 9, 2021 that man the injury was intentionally caused which caused the amputation of both legs, for which he was sentenced to two years of conditional prison and to pay for legal costs four thousand 427 euros (more than 111 thousand Mexican pesos).

Insists it was an accident

However, Sandor Cs. insists he’s innocent and that it was really an accident that caused him to lose both legs. Since then he has moved thanks to a wheelchair but also he wears prosthetics when he wants to walk. He was said to be disappointed in the sentence but it is unknown whether he will challenge it or not.

Blikk, a Hungarian media outlet that spoke to him, relates that the man said he will take his case to the end because “it’s not right” what the court didwell everything the litigation led to bankruptcy since, in addition to the legs, after the “accident” he also ran out of the job he had as an installer of boilers in houses and outdoors.

Likewise, Sandor Cs. explained in an interview that currently is studying law because he wants help people like him who have been victims of big business. You still have several insurance to claim, but it is likely that you will not proceed after the court ruling.


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