Horror stories that have happened and could happen to your PC

No, we are not going to talk to you about the dangers of artificial intelligence and the consequences that one reaches self-awareness and gives you to read Nietzsche or any ashen misanthropist. If not something that gives much more terror to be worldly. And it is that it is said that what is really scary is not what comes from the imaginary, but from within the world of the possible and real. That is why, and without wishing to scare you, although perhaps yes, we have decided to remember a series of things that can happen with our computer and that make hair like spikes.

What hardware horror stories can we tell?

One of the most false sensations in terms of computing is that of security, you think that nothing will happen to you and suddenly wham, you find that someone has stolen your credit card data or those spicy photos that you took with your last date Although the latter should only concern you if you are a politician or someone who is a public figure. In its day, when a machine failed and no explanation was given, it was said that it was the product of goblins, a story that is at least innocent today, but that in ancient times scared our ancestors. Today? Those goblins exist and are as human as we are, but their intentions are not good at all.

devices that spy on you

The first of the horror stories has nothing to do directly with our PC. Nowadays, every device connected to the network has the potential to be hacked, not only our computer, but also things like our Amazon Alexa, the webcam or even the baby surveillance camera. All this can relay our lives to third parties and these do not have to be the government or any government agency, it can be a perfectly degenerate who is on the other side.

Amazon Spy Devices

This does not happen, since luckily there are few such people with sufficient knowledge, however, it is important to note that your devices are full of backdoors to sneak into. Your computer with enough knowledge you can control it, on the other hand, other devices cannot. ( Since they are self-managed by their integrated hardware and software, there are no tools to manage them, but they have the same potential open doors as a PC. After all, they are still computers and are governed by the same rules.

Windows 95 and the terror of the blue screen

Nowadays BSODs are a huge rarity and Windows has improved qualitatively compared to what we had in the second half of the 90s, in addition, today there are applications that when we return they remind us that they have saved our work when a blackout had occurred sudden or worse, a crash with the blue screen of death. So much so that everything we did was hit the key combination to save or the floppy disk icon.

Cause BSOD

As a curiosity, one of the most famous advertisements to evangelize people to the Mac that Apple made and that was quite successful was that of a girl who commented precisely on that experience. Not anymore, but back then, the blue screen was a real terror and the worst thing is that its appearance could not be predicted and was completely erratic.

And why do we consider it one of the hardware horror stories if Windows is a program? Well, due to the fact that the reason was much more related to the hardware than you think. Windows multitasking was cooperative and therefore it was the same applications that had control of the situation. The fact is that if there was a small execution error in a program, the entire computer crashed, since the application could not pass the testimony to a second one as it was completely out of action.

Compromising documents that do not disappear

Automatic cloud storage systems are sometimes quite compromising. You may want to hide your stay in a place, or there may simply be a too embarrassing or revealing photo, or failing that, any type of document, which can put you in a commitment and sometimes be revealing. The problem is compounded when many of these cloud servers have back doors and become what we call open directories. Are you sure you’re not sharing a folder with compromising information that you shouldn’t? Perhaps your secrets have already been revealed.

The horror comes when after having formatted the storage unit or even destroyed the hard drive, you see how when you restart and configure everything again they come back, like the villain of a scary movie, they are there, eternally, invincible and immortal. The worst is when you back up with a virus that runs on a timer without knowing it.

Beware of pre-built computers

Many of the pre-built models that are sold in large shopping centers usually have very nice designs in a photograph, but are not very functional, not only are they priced much higher than what their components would cost separately, but they also suffer from using sources of food and even box designs that are ultimately not functional. You would not be the first to find that suddenly your computer, which looks so beautiful on the desk, stops working due to a bad design in the cooling of the case or a poor quality power supply.

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