Hospitality adapts to the metaverse and payment with bitcoin

Hospitality is up to date, and new technologies are going to have a great impact on the sector. The NFT market reached 23 billion dollars in 2021, and it is estimated that the metaverse reach 700 billion dollars in 2024.

In this context, HIP – Horeca Professional Expo 2022 opened the doors of its sixth edition with the same spirit as the previous five: to offer professionals the greatest knowledge about the latest trends that are impacting the sector. For this reason, this year it has hosted a pioneering forum dedicated to the metaverse, payment with bitcoin and the NFT’sin the new Emerging Technologies Summit forum, which has been held within the framework of the Hospitality 4.0 Congress.

There is no age in the crypto and blockchain world

Alberto Gil de la Guardia, CEO of Le Crypto Club, shed light on these new technologies with a clear message: there is no age to enter the crypto or blockchain world, and no need to be an expert to use these technologies; in fact, they are becoming more useful and easier to use.

In this line, Marius Robles, chief visionary office of Food by Robots, has stressed that the challenge of the sector right now is not to miss this train. More and more companies will allocate a larger budget to experiment with these developments and whoever is left behind will not be able to make up for lost time. And it is that the NFTs market reached 23 billion dollars in 2021, and it is estimated that the Metaverse will reach 700 billion dollars in 2024.

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