House of Secrets: Chris Columbus working on the Disney Plus series

The action-adventure fantasy book series House of Secrets will soon become a Disney Plus series, thanks to the ongoing adaptation by Chris Columbus, co-author of the series together with Ned Vizzini.

The director of the first two Harry Potter films published the first book of House of Secrets in 2013, remarking several times that he was a “close relative” of The Goonies, of which he was a screenwriter.

House of Secrets will become a series created by Chris Columbus

Disney Plus has hired Chris Columbus to make an adaptation for its streaming platform of the fantasy book series House of Secrets, novels written by Columbus himself together with Ned Vizzini.

The story revolves around the Brendan brothers, Eleanor and Cordelia Walker, who have moved into a seedy Victorian house once owned by Denver Kristoff, an occult novelist. When the Walkers realize their new neighbor has sinister plans in mind, they become trapped in the magical home, traveling through fantasy universes that mingle with Kristoff’s tales.

Ayo Davis, Head of Creative Development and Strategy at Disney Branded Television and project supervisor, said:

Chris, Michael and Mark tell stories that resonate with a variety of audiences, across generations and genres that offer a sense of magic and wonder through incredible characters. There is so much affinity with their acclaimed films and we are delighted to be working with them to develop House of Secrets into an exciting Disney Plus series.

A fantasy adventure created by Chris Columbus after the success of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and published in 2013 with the first novel of the trilogy.

Columbus’ ability to tell stories of this kind, adapting a work written by himself, could guarantee Disney a successful series, capable of capturing a large slice of audiences of all ages.

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