House of The Dragon: HBO already wants a season 2 of the Game of Thrones prequel

With House of The Dragon, the Game of Thrones prequel, HBO obviously has high hopes. And for good reason, the channel is ready to launch the production of a season 2 very quickly. Of course, the audience for the first episodes will be decisive.

house of the dragon season 2
Credits: HBO

HBO has several major projects this year, starting with the live adaptation of The Last of Us, but also and above all The House of The Dragon, a prequel to the global phenomenon Game of Thrones. Through this series, the channel wants to tell the story of the Daenerys family, the Targaryens.

The story will take place 200 years with the events recounted in GOT and is directly inspired by the novel Fire and Blood by George RR Martin. We will mainly follow the reign of the king Viserys while the series will focus on the civil war of the Targaryensknown to fans as Dance of the Dragons.

To the delight of fans, HBO has just released a new trailer. The opportunity to see that the show will not be stingy with battle scenes and dragons of course. For those who are wondering, the 1st episode of House of The Dragon will be broadcast this August 21, 2022 in preview on HBO and HBO Max. In France, you will have to wait until August 31, 2022 to discover House of The Dragon on OCS.

HBO ready to order a season 2 “very quickly”

However, it seems that HBO is rather confident in the success of its new series. Indeed and as reported by our colleagues on the site The Hollywood Reporter, the chain would be ready to renew the show “very quickly” after the first season aired. HBO is only waiting to have the audience of the first episodes to launch the production of a second season or not.

Note that House of The Dragon is only one of numerous HBO Game of Thrones projects. Casez Bloys, head of programming at HBO, says there are several titles in development. “For now, there is only one Game of Thrones series, which is House of The Dragon. Nothing else was allowed. There are several other projects in development, but nothing else has been cleared and our focus is currently on House of The Dragon”. And you, are you excited at the idea of ​​rediscovering the universe of George RR Martin in this new series? Tell us in the comments.

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