How AMLO! Pedro Castillo announces that he will sell Peru’s presidential plane

The presidential plane of Peru will go on sale to raise money to be spent on health and education, announced this Wednesday the president of Peru, Pedro Castle, during the balance his first hundred days in power.

“We will sell the presidential plane,” he said. Castle at the rally held in the main square of Huamanga, the capital of the southern Andean region of Ayacucho.

First class travel prohibited

Before that, the president had announced a bill to prohibit officials from traveling abroad in first class.

“I have been able to observe that some public officials have many privileges. For this reason, I am going to sign a regulation right now that prohibits any official from traveling by air in first class. In a government of the people, officials will travel like any citizen of the country.” , he pointed.

Follow AMLO measure

Castillo thus follows in the footsteps of other left-wing presidents of Latin America, like the mexican Andrew Manuel Lopez Workroom, who so far has not found a buyer for the luxurious Boeing 787 that the former president had acquired Philip Calderon and who used his predecessor in office, Enrique Pain grandson.

Unlike the modern presidential aircraft of Mexico, the plane where the president of Peru is a plain old Boeing 737-528, acquired in 1994 by the former president Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000).

The late former president Alan Garcia (1985-1990 and 2006-2011) already tried to sell it without success during his second term after the scandal of the “party plane” carried out by a group of drunk officials during an official tour of Spain.

In administrations prior to that of Castle There were proposals to acquire a new presidential plane with greater flight autonomy that would allow the authorities to travel without making numerous technical stops, as is the case with the current aircraft.


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