How can you play for free already on PS5 before its release in January?

From time to time there are games that, for whatever reason, connect with players in such a way that it’s practically a given that they’re going to be a complete success. And this is so because they have a something intangible that places them at the same level as the big names that periodically arrive on consoles like PS5. Y Forspoken it seems that it will be one of them although, unfortunately, we will not have it available until January 2023.

The power of action and role

Forspoken is a game developed by Luminous Productions in collaboration with Square-Enix that It has raised a lot of media dust and that has permeated among the users, who have quickly turned their spotlight on him. The reason is his development, which we have been able to see in some videos gameplay that have been published in recent months before its launch, which, remember, will take place on January 24, 2023.

Now, how is it possible that we can test it right now before that same date? Okay, the explanation we must go to look for it to the demo that they have published in PlayStation Store and that you have been able to download completely free for a few days, which opens up the game for you to test the most basic mechanics of a title that, we must admit, requires a lot of pedagogy in order for it to catch on with the users themselves.

And the reason for that initial hardness must be found in the creative decision made by the guys from Luminous Productions, who they have turned a huge map into a place to do Parkour while we eliminate everything that moves. Something that accelerates, and a lot, the action of the game in many of its facets.

The key is in combat

The game’s story initially takes us to New York, where a girl named Frey lives who, in a completely magical and unexpected way, ends up being transported to the world of Athia where some once kind matriarchs have been transformed into complete demons who have subdued all living creatures. First of all, the game drops us into that world and begins a tutorial that we recommend you complete, because it will explain the basic concepts of the attack and defense forces that our protagonist can deploy.

Forspoken PS5.

The game takes place on a huge map through which we can move at an extraordinary speed, taking advantage of ledges, rocks and unevenness to fly and cover huge distances in just seconds. That includes the combats, which at first are very messy as well as a skill tree that we can develop as we gain experience in combat with small groups of enemies that sometimes seem like soldiers of some dark army, and other simple beasts that roam the scene protecting chests and rewards.

The world we have access to in the demo of Forspoken It is big enough to find many challenges and tests that will give you an idea of ​​the depth of its gameplay. What’s more, if you allow us some advice after several hours of testing it, We recommend you not to give up at the first change when you realize that you do not connect with the combat systemor that the movements of the protagonist seem sudden, jumping and accelerating: after the first confrontations and once you become familiar with the controls, you will discover a different development, with mechanics and a variety of missions and a concept that will surely be more original for you than it appears to the naked eye.

Enjoy it these days and, if in the end it convinces you, remember that the demo has a direct access to the store to buy the full version.

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