How did SeriesLy end? The online pirate video store

One of the most popular web pages before the arrival of streaming video platforms was SeriesLy, a website that not only allowed us to access all kinds of content Protected by copyright completely free of charge, but also offered us information about these as well as allowing us to track the content that we had seen or had yet to see.

Although it is true that it was not the only one, it did become the most popular both in Spain and in Latin America to watch and download any type of content, whether it was series or movies.

Birth of SeriesLy

SeriesLy was born in 2008 as a result of David Tardá, Andreu Caritg and Oriol Solé. Three years after its foundation, it was one of the most visited web pages in Spain with almost 2 million daily visits. It did not host any type of content on its servers, but offered access to this content through links, either to view it online or download it, being one of the best options to view any type of content without leaving home and, of course, without having to pay a monthly fee. All the content available on this platform was published by users, not by web administrators, it was a kind of bulletin board where anyone who knew a link to a series or movie could make it known.

In 2014, Congress passed a new Intellectual Property Law, a law that came into force on January 1, 2015 and that scam focused on protecting copyrighted content available on websites such as SeriesLy. As soon as this new law was approved, SeriesLy published a statement through its website informing that it was changing its way of working, eliminating all the links it offered to access and/or download content protected by copyright. However, he did not run away from trouble, rather it started.

the problems begin

In mid-2015, with the law in force, the administrators of the SeriesLy website were accused of criminal organization for offering links to websites from where content could be accessed, both in series and movies, protected by copyright. In fact, this new Intellectual Property Law included a section for this type of website, where any type of website that displayed links to content protected by copyright was considered illegal, even if it was the users who published it.


After a large number of appeals, in 2022, the Sabadell Criminal Court acquitted the three founders of this website. Before this new law was approved on January 1, 2015, this type of website was not typified in the penal code And since the website removed all links before 2015, when the law came into force, the company’s officials hadn’t done anything illegal up to that point, so there really wasn’t a case to judge.

EliteDivx, series Jiminy, Jiminy Movies, Yonki series and the like, in the end they suffered the same fate, seeing all of them forced to remove the links if they did not want to incur a criminal offence. And, after removing the links, these websites stopped making sense for the users who used them and ended up disappearing.

Alternatives to SeriesLy

With the rise of streaming video platforms, added to legal problems, it is currently very difficult to find alternatives that really work. Cuevana continues to be for many, the main one and we could say, the only one that the web continues running smoothly and that makes available to us the same catalog that we can currently find on all streaming video platforms, but completely free of charge and in Latin American Spanish.

cavena is a website that took advantage of the name of the original website to create a website where you can also access the same type of content available in Cuevana, also available only in Latin American Spanish, although most of the links give an error.

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