How do night surveillance cameras work?

Criminals take advantage of the lack of visibility in a property to enter without its occupants knowing it, a problem that you can solve today thanks to advances in security.

The cameras with night surveillance are a new element that are part of the most sophisticated security systems and that can help you in your safety and that of yours.

What is a night vision camera?

This type of camera is characterized by having the ability to capture images in the absence of light, which is a priority to cover all angles and corners of a home or business at night or in the event of a power outage.

Recognized security companies such as Movistar Prosegur Alarmas have included them in their surveillance systems because they are truly efficient equipment that captures the slightest movement in the dark, since they incorporate a series of small LED bulbs around their lens, which generate an infrared light powerful enough to obtain quality images.

Secondly, the light emitted in this type of camera is modulated in order to provide the expected results, which implies that they turn on and off automatically when they detect that the light in their environment is not enough to capture an image or video.

cameras with night surveillance

This is how night surveillance security cameras work

To give you an idea about how this type of camera works, think for a moment about those television programs where evidence of paranormal activities is shown in order to capture the presence of ghosts. The pictures shown are obtained with night vision cameras in white, black and even green colors.

This type of technology is used in night surveillance security cameras, where the infrared light beam emitted by them covers the area that is invisible to your eyes.

Too there are equipment whose lenses use LED bulbs that generate IR light, they turn on automatically to illuminate the scene under their surveillance and to be able to easily capture images of what is happening in real time.

This light is completely invisible to the human eye, but if you look at the screen that captures their signal, you will notice that what happens in front of them can be perfectly distinguished even though it is in complete darkness.

The foregoing is due to the fact that night surveillance cameras switch to a monochrome filter that makes it easier to view images, while during the day infrared light is blocked in order to maintain the precision of each shot.

It is essential to choose the best night surveillance camera, if you want it to suit your needs. In the safety references you will find complete and efficient alarm kits that include them to guarantee your safety and that of your family.

Additionally, with these alarms you enjoy other advantages such as a deterrent plate, 360 ° mobile cameras, outdoor detectors, connection to your surveillance system through a mobile application and support from the Central Station that remains at your service 24 hours a day.

With a night surveillance camera you will keep all areas of your home, office or business covered without worrying about leaving the lights on it is not necessary, since they compensate for the illumination they require with infrared light, immediately capturing everything that happens within reach of their lens.

If you want to appreciate how the IR lights of these cameras work, you only have to observe what they transmit at night and, if you place one of them in front of a window, you will notice that its lights are reflected off the glass.

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