How do you save Garageband projects?

Ways to export in GarageBand

GarageBand is a program that has been and is used by many users, which means that it is capable of meeting the expectations and needs of different professionals. On the one hand it can be used to create a song and on the other it is also one of the most used programs by podcasting professionals. To achieve this, one of the points that you have to fulfill is to put on the table enough alternatives when it comes to being able to export a project in the most appropriate way depending on the product that the user has created. Here we tell you what these options are.

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Song in music

Surely at some point you have had the need to make some modification to a song that you really like to listen to, or even make a fantastic mix of songs yourself. Well, if you have enough knowledge to be able to carry out the entire process involved in carrying out an action like this, you have to know the possibilities that this alternative of exporting your musical project gives you.

With exporting Song to music what you can do is send the project that you have created and that you have finished in GarageBand directly to the Apple music application, so that, in this way, you can listen to it directly both from your Mac, and from any device where you use the Apple Music app.

When exporting your project in this way there are a series of parameters that you will have to modify depending on your taste or needs so that the final result is as you want and look for. These parameters are important to fill in so that, when exporting the song to the application, it has enough information to later be able to catalog it correctly. The parameters to fill in are the following.

  • Qualification.
  • Artist.
  • Composer.
  • Album.
  • Play list.
  • Quality.

Export song to music

Song on SoundCloud

In the same way as in the previous section we have told you that you can export your song or your audio project directly to Apple’s music application, GarageBand also gives the possibility of exporting directly to one of the largest music platforms, SoundCloud, where a multitude of music professionals share their creations.

Without a doubt, this is a fantastic option for all artists who use SoundCloud to publicize all their musical creations, in this way they can directly upload the song from GarageBand, something that will make this task much more efficient and comfortable for all artists who use this Apple program to carry out their productions.

Export song on SoundCloud


One of the highlights that every user who has an Apple ecosystem enjoys is AirDrop. It is a connectivity that allows content to be shared between devices from the Cupertino company that are within walking distance, but with the difference that with AirDrop, these files do not lose quality when sent.

Well, again, Apple wants to save steps for its users and make things very easy for them, for this it allows that once you have finished your project and want to share it, you can do it easily using AirDrop directly, with the assurance that that file you are going to share will not lose an iota of quality when sent. When it comes to sharing it, you also have to choose different parameters, they are as follows.

  • Share as song or project.
  • Qualification.
  • Quality.

Share on AirDrop


One of the most common avenues most people use to share files is email. Again, Apple, through its audio editing and production program, GarageBand, provides the user with all the facilities so that they do not have to carry out more steps than they should to be able to share their audio file via email.

You just have to worry and put all your energy into producing your audio file, be it a song, a podcast or a small message. As soon as you have it, you can send it via email directly from the GarageBand application itself. Of course, before you will have to fill in the following parameters.

  • Share as song or project.
  • Qualification.
  • Quality.

Share in Mail

Burn song to CD

The world of music is fully involved in the online world, however, until recently most people used the typical CD to listen to their favorite songs. Apple continues to consider these more purist users and also gives the possibility of being able to directly record the songs that you create in GarageBand on a disc.

However, the Cupertino company has not included the CD player in their computers for a long time, therefore, if you want to record your song on a disc, you will have to buy an adapter that allows you to carry out this action. Although it is an alternative that fewer users use every day, it is good that Apple continues to take them into account.

Export song to disk

This alternative is, without a doubt, the option most used by most users who use GarageBand. This is because it is the option that will allow you to choose the format with which the audio file you want to export will be generated, being able to adapt it to your needs, something fundamental especially if you are going to share your creation on other platforms that have requirements. very specific.

In the same way as in the previous options you had to fill in and choose different parameters, with this alternative you can also customize the export of your file according to your objectives. Next we tell you which are these parameters that you have to take into account.

  • File name.
  • Labels.
  • Format.
  • Location to save it.
  • Quality.

Share song to disk

Project to GarageBand for iOS

The Cupertino company is characterized by giving creators many possibilities, in this way, in most cases the users of their devices can enjoy the same application in different operating systems. In this case, GarageBand is available for both macOS, iPadOS and iOS.

Therefore, with this alternative, what Apple provides is the possibility of exporting the project in such a way that you can import it on an iOS device and continue working on it on the project that you started creating on your computer from the Cupertino company. To do this, you just have to fill in the following parameters.

  • Name.
  • Labels.
  • Location to save it.

Share project for iOS

Format types with which to export your audio file

As we have mentioned before, with GarageBand you will be able to export your audio file in different formats thanks to the option “Export song to disk”. This gives the user the possibility to perfectly adapt the audio file to the format that best suits him for the purpose for which he wants to use it. Next we tell you what characteristics each of the available formats have.


This format uses an advanced audio codec in order to be able to encode the information contained in the audio file in the most optimal way possible. However, it is a lossy compression format as it is capable of generating audio files with a very small size.

Even so, it has exceptional performance and the quality it offers is fantastic, in fact, the Cupertino company itself chose this format for iPods and the famous iTunes program. In addition, another of the advantages it has is that it can include copyright directly.


This format is surely the best known of all those offered by GarageBand to be able to export your audio files. As we mentioned before with the AAC format, MP3 is also a lossy compression format, again, in order to be able to generate a file that weighs much less than the original audio file.

Obviously, when trying to compress the file size as much as possible, what happens is that the product loses quality compared to the original, although this is something that may vary depending on the bit rate each file has. At the time, it was a format that completely revolutionized the consumption of audio in digital format, in fact, today, it is one of the most widely used formats.

Apple Music on iPhone


One of the main attractions of this audio format is that it is capable of containing raw audio data, that is, it has not been compressed at any time. Obviously, what this provides is that it is a very usable format to be able to store high quality audio files.

It was co-developed by the Cupertino company itself in 1988 based on the Electronic Arts IFF format. At a professional level, it is one of the most used due to what we have mentioned above, since in certain professional audio sectors, quality prevails over a file of a smaller size.


We finish with the last of the formats available to export your audio file. In this case WAVE or also known under WAV is the format developed, in this case, by Microsoft and IBM. In this case, it is a format that may or may not involve compression, depending on the user’s needs.

Obviously, if you choose the uncompressed option you will gain in audio quality, however, you will get a much heavier file on the other hand. Initially, these types of files were intended to be used on Microsoft computers, however, its use has become so widespread that even Apple’s own applications such as GarageBand use it.

GarageBand on Mac

Steps to follow to export your audio file in GarageBand

Although to carry out quality work through this application you need to have certain knowledge, if we focus on the action of exporting the project as an audio file, the steps you have to follow are really simple, in fact, you will to be able to check for yourself. Here we tell you what you have to do if you want to export your creation.

  1. Finish creating your audio file.
  2. Click on Share.
  3. Choose the option you want to use to export your audio file.
  4. Fill in the corresponding parameters.
  5. Depending on the option chosen, click on «Share», «Export» or «Save».

Share audio file

Save time by saving your projects as templates

One of the options that GarageBand provides to all its users is to be able to save the different projects in such a way that they can later serve as a template to create an audio file with similar characteristics. Obviously each project has characteristic properties, a different tempo, the key signature, the beat itself, in this way, if you always work with specific parameters, instead of having to modify them manually every time you enter the application, you can create a template to save you all that time.

To be able to save a project and have it as a template, all you have to do is select “File” and then click on “Save”. The first time you save a new project you will also have to fill in the different parameters in the dialog that will be shown. In it you will have available to modify the name of the same and the location where you want to store said project.

Save project

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