How has the MacBook Air M2 improved?

A few days ago, Apple announced the launch of the new MacBook with the M2 chip, and since the launch of these computers was announced in June, many aesthetic differences were seen, especially in the MacBook Air. In this post we are going to tell you about the most important changes that this model has undergone and if it is better or worse than its predecessors.

This range of computers was a revolution since it was released in 2008, and it was able to have the good of the MacBook Pro in a smaller and lighter form. In addition, with the launch of this new computer, Apple played it again since they eliminated the DVD player that was essential in those years. Output ports were also minimized, which many users found quite risky. These changes made it much easier to carry in backpacks or bags.

Main differences with previous models

This MacBook Air, which already has the new M2 chip, has been a small revolution within the Air range, and that is because the characteristic wedge shape has disappeared to give way to a flatter shape. In addition, there are other important changes that you should know:

  • The Usual build quality of materials and scandalous measurements: It is the same width as the previous generation and has a little more depth. However, the laptop’s slimness across the board achieves a sense of minimalism that you perhaps haven’t seen since the original Air compared to the rest of the range.
  • The previous model had a thickness ranging from 0.41 cm to 1.61 cm. In this model, the entire thickness is homogeneous throughout its surface and reaches up to 1.13 cm: very close to the average between the thickest and least thick ends of the previous generation if the weight were distributed in a balanced way, 1.01 cm – something I’m convinced Apple has taken into account.
  • We are talking about a more compact model. And it is that in hand it’s even lighter, weighing 1.24 kg compared to 1.29 of its predecessor. Without a doubt, a notable difference that makes it an even easier laptop to transport.

  • Not only because of the new colors, which have been implemented quite a bit if we compare it with previous models, but also because of the appearance of this new design with the updated screen: it is seen for the first time in orn MacBook Air to a 13.6-inch Liquid Retina displaywith an improvement in its brightness that is quite reminiscent of a MacBook Pro.
  • The contrast, definition and speed of response of macOS make everyday life very comfortable with this model. In a way, it makes you forget that you are really looking at a MacBook Airhaving the feeling of this using a more professional model.
  • If we focus on this new design, we cannot ignore what we already know with the redesign of the other members of Apple’s portable world: the reduction of the edges and the incorporation of the notch to house the camera.

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