How is it possible that Wolverine returns with Deadpool 3 and sneaks into the MCU?

Ryan Reynolds has won the hearts of all fans of Marvel movies thanks to his portrayal of the protagonist in the first two Marvel movies. dead pool. Now finally, after years of developing the third installment, the actor himself gives us new and exciting news about this new feature film.

some familiar faces

Those responsible for Dead Pool 3 have opted for sarcasm and hooligan humor to give the news to the fans who were waiting for the good news of the premiere of this third film, a franchise that, let us remember, began its journey under the tutelage of 20th Century Fox and that will now be released with a letter of nature within the Marvel factory.

The fact is that a few hours ago Ryan Reynolds posted a video on his social networks talking about the third installment of Deadpool. There, looking at the camera, he gave us a humorous rant and recognized that they had no idea how they were going to face the challenge of making this third installment. Or maybe yes?

That’s when the bell comes and Reynolds himself reveals the presence of a new character coming straight from the X-Men universe. Indeed, Wolverine will be one of the great contributions of Dead Pool 3 at its premiere within the UCM, as can be seen from the poster itself teaser and those holes caused by the Adamantium blades of the character played by Hugh Jackman. All a bombshell in the waterline of the fans.

A very unconventional answer

After the publication of this video, the Internet lost its mind. Millions of people began to ask themselves questions about How did this affect the continuity of the movies? X Men since, as you will remember, the character of Wolverine dies during the events of the movie Logan. For this unknown, the actors seemed to have a response with a video update in which they hinted at such a thing… but it was a full-blown trolling.

The film will be released on September 6, 2024 and it is confirmed that the action will take us until the year 2029, so the UCM advances inexorably through its new phases where it is clear that more characters will be added thanks to the wide sleeve that allows the Multiverse to be used. Hence the possibility of Wolverine coming back to life after the events of Logan. Or maybe not?

Also, now that we know that all the Marvel movies are connected through the Multiverse, it would not be surprising that the numerous time travels made by mutants, and especially Deadpool (as we saw in the post-credits scene of his second movie ), have pissed off a few multiversal conquerors like Kang, and suddenly hunger and the desire to eat come together in a film that promises to be even more brutal and wild than the previous ones.

And you? Are you looking forward to seeing Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman again in Dead Pool 3?

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