How is Kodi different from other players, like VLC?

When choosing our multimedia player for the computer, we have a huge number of programs available. In addition, most of them are free, which makes the choice a little more complicated, although a good part of the users opt for solutions such as Kodi or VLC.

These are two of the most interesting and complete proposals that we can find right now when it comes to playing our video or audio content. In these lines we want to focus on the Kodi open source software that probably many of you are more than familiar. Specifically, we are facing a multimedia center that allows us to manage and play all kinds of multimedia content. This is an application that is characterized by multiple elements and operating modes that it makes available to us.

At first it is known for everything it offers us when it comes to working with video and audio files, but it goes much further. In fact, it is easily distinguishable, both in appearance and functionality, from the vast majority of other players such as VLC or MPC-HC, among others. At this point, many may wonder what Kodi offers us that makes it so special compared to the rest of the programs with these characteristics.

It is precisely for all this that we will now give you some important reasons that differentiate this software solution from the competition.

What makes Kodi stand out from other players

  • Your user interface: This multimedia center presents us with a somewhat peculiar user interface. At first it seems like an independent operating system from which we can manage all our multimedia content. In fact, it has some very interesting features. both at the functional and interface level. It even allows us to manage the shutdown of the equipment from the application itself.
  • File management: it is not a conventional player, since it also allows us to manage our own content libraries from here. All this in order to facilitate the reproduction and management of movies, series, music, photos and much more. Obviously, we carry out all this from a single interface that, as we told you before, sometimes seems like an independent operating system.
  • Content types: from here we can manage and work with a multitude of types of content. In addition to the usual videos or music, we can use photos, television channels, retro games, comics, or audiobooks. Each of these formats can be managed and manipulated independently by creating our own custom libraries and playlists. That is precisely why many users opt for the use of Kodi for all these file formats.
  • Your add-ons: one of the main features of this program is the ability to additionally install accessories or add-ons. Kodi itself provides us with a repository with a multitude of elements of this type that we can add. But at the same time, the multimedia center allows the installation of third-party add-ons that we can download from the Internet from the many repositories available online. All this substantially increases both functionality and improves the application interface.

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