How is the price of graphics evolving until June?

Among the reasons for this price adjustment is the increase in stock after the normalization of production after the pandemic and the drop in interest in Ethereum mining. Both of these factors seem to be facilitating a noticeable price drop, and that’s a good thing for gamers.

Price of graphics cards are going down

We have seen how the price of graphics cards has been reached double in many cases or even touch triple price relative to the MSRP. But it is not the only component made more expensive by the pandemic, we also saw significant stock problems in laptops. There was a high market demand due to telecommuting and the Chinese production plants were either closed or working with reduced staff.

According to Tom’s Hardware report, the price of graphics cards, as of June 15, is on the decline. It indicates that many graphics cards fall in price between 1-7%. Some do not register a drop, they have a stable price. The only graphics card that has gone up in price is the RTX 3080 12GBwhat has risen about 9%.

The graphics NVIDIA RTX 3080, RTX 3070, RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3050 they are still above the MSRP, but the price has improved. Only the RTX 3090 Ti and RTX 3080 Ti have fallen below the MSRP. This is normal, since they have very high prices and are designed for a minority audience.

We have to keep in mind that NVIDIA graphics offer a couple of things that are ahead of AMD graphics. We talk about the Ray Tracing and DLSS technologies, which are more powerful than its main competitor’s solutions. Although AMD plays with good prices and FSR 2.0 has improved remarkably.

Improve the situation, but slowly

It is important to see that the price of graphics cards is normalizing. Although they drop in price, the mid-range is still quite expensive, let alone the high-end, which is inaccessible to most users.

We must emphasize that throughout this article we have not mentioned the Intel ARC graphics cards. The company’s graphics, at the moment, arrive in few laptops and we don’t know anything about the desktop models. It seems that Intel is still far from being competitive in the gaming graphics market, although it is already uncovering its cards.

Now, it is expected that after the summer new gaming graphics cards will be launched by AMD and NVIDIA. Many rumors and assumptions of performance and consumption have been launched, but what about the price? Well, well, let’s wait a bit to see how the new graphics and their price come out. Something that should mean a drop in price for the “old” graphics cards.

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