How it works Nintendo Switch Online Missions and Rewards

This tab will show different missions. Upon completing them, we will receive platinum points. Targets have a rotation period. They will be incorporated every Monday and all will have a deadline to complete them. In the same menu you can check your progress. You will see both the available missions and the ones you have left to complete to finish getting the platinum coins.

What are platinum points for?

If you owned Nintendo consoles a few years ago, you may remember their Star Program. For every game we bought, there was a “scratch card” with an alphanumeric code. By entering it on your website, they accumulated in our account. They also gave us a few extra stars on our birthday and even a few more if we visited their website every day. The stars were used to buy merchandise of Nintendo of the most varied. From wallpapers to exclusive video games like The Legend of Zelda: Collector’s Edition. Unfortunately, the Big N ended up shutting down that service, although it did maintain a system of redeemable points every time we buy in the eShop or verify the purchase of a Switch game card. The platinum points program is very similar to the Stars Program, as we will explain in the following lines.

Redeemable items in My Nintendo

my nintendo platinum gifts

Well, that point system is Nintendo’s way of bringing back its famous and beloved loyalty program. When you get a good handful of points (beware, they have an expiration date), you can exchange them for physical objects on the My Nintendo website. You’ll need a lot of them to get decent items, but it’s definitely a feature we welcome.

Icons and backgrounds

customize switch icons

On the other hand, they can also be exchanged for «icons», that is, by images that we can place in our Nintendo account profile. Until now, it was only possible to place our Mii or any of the images provided by Nintendo in the gallery. Now, for a few points you can also download images from different video games, as well as custom backgrounds for the avatar on the console. This does not mean that you will be able to modify the background of your console, but of the avatar itself. You will be able to combine a frame and a background to create an avatar totally to your liking using the unlockables that will appear every week in the store. It may seem simple, but it comes to replace the plain color backgrounds that existed until now.

Regarding the icons, they will be published by title. Every month, a video game will appear. By clicking on it, we can exchange the platinum points for one of the avatars that are available. The first video game that has been chosen is super mario odysseyand their icons will be available until April 3, 2022. After that date, it may never be possible to purchase one of those icons again.

Besides, Animal Crossing will have a permanent section. Each month the residents of the video game who have a birthday on that date will appear. Each of them can be purchased for 10 platinum points, so if you’re a fan of a specific character, don’t forget their birthday.

How to earn and redeem platinum points

Emissions rewards switch online

Whether you want to use your points before they disappear from your account or if what interests you is to get a good handful of these tokens, this is how you have to proceed:

get platinum points


nintendo switch missions

They will appear every week new missions within its corresponding section in nintendo switch online. We will receive different rewards in the form of platinum points depending on the requirements that they tell us. Some of these missions are the following:

  • Use compatible programs with the online game: in this case, by connecting any video game that has an online section, we can claim said reward.
  • Use the saved in the cloud.
  • Use NES, SNES or N64 games: for the first week, you have chosen Super Mario Bros. (1985) as a featured game with which they will give us 50 points just for playing a game.
  • Use Applications.
  • Others: We assume that Nintendo will incorporate more complex missions as the weeks go by, such as meeting certain requirements in some video games or breaking some records.

Play smartphone games and visit My Nintendo

You can also earn platinum points by playing nintendo mobile games where you have linked your Nintendo account. At the moment, the three games that are confirmed for this new loyalty program are Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Fire Emblem Heroes Y super mario run.

On the other hand, we will also receive a small reward every time we visit the My Nintendo websiteJust like in the old days.

How can I find out when my points expire?

nintendo points expiration

If you go to the my nintendo websiteyou will be able to see both the count and the expiration and the record of points associated with your profile. will appear a forecast for the next six months where you can see how many gold and platinum points will soon expire from your account.

How can I redeem the points

redeem platinum nintendo store

Redeem your platinum points is very easy. Go to the website of Nintendo and you can access a great Catalogue of small items you can buy with your points. Some are only available with platinum points that are derived from the video game in question. For example, some Animal Crossing items can only be purchased with platinum points from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

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