How long will it have been between Doctor Strange 2 and Wandavision?

A phase 4 in continuous expansion

The UCM is going from strength to strength and under full sail. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings it’s a box office hit; Eternals prepares for an epic debut; and in December it will arrive Spider-man with its third installment, without a doubt, another of the company’s golden hens. And this is only the beginning: the next few years are very promising for the firm, eager for big premieres after a year and a half of drought due to the pandemic.

Among the great moments that awaits us in 2022 is, of course, the arrival of the sequel to Doctor Strange. The Supreme Sorcerer They will have to do with the multiverse of madness, in a film that is expected to be quite entertaining due to the enormous possibilities that a title of these characteristics has – remember, chaos will be unleashed, so we can find everything.

And within this whirlwind we will meet the Scarlet Witch. Our heroine was studying the Darkhold in one of the post-credit scenes of the series when he heard his children in the distance. Doctor Strange 2 is expected to appear looking for Tommy and Billy, but exactly how long has it been since they disappeared?

Two years between Doctor Strange 2 and Wandavision

A rumor from the web Cosmic circus point out that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will occur two years after the events of Scarlet Witch and Vision.

As they well point out in The Direct, we know that Avengers: Endgame takes place five years after Thanos’ snap (which occurred in Avengers: Infinity War), so that the present of the UCM moves approximately in the year 2023, which is when the series of Wandavision -Remember that this occurs just after half the world’s population returns after the crack of Iron Man.

Scarlet Witch could have spent two years therefore searching for her children, until the year 2025, What is when would meet Doctor Strange. Let us also remember that Stephen, sometime, creates another chaos with the timelines by granting Peter Parker’s wish in Spider-Man: No Road Home, something that should also have an impact on the movie that we will see next year.

Wandavision - Scarlet Witch and Vision

And what will this Wanda be like? That is another of the great doubts that we have at the moment. The character could well be desperate and apply all his knowledge of the Darkhold to rescue his children, facing the Supreme Sorcerer, or on the contrary, go to him to help him in the search for his twins.

They will be questions that we will not solve (imagine) until the trailer Doctor Strange 2 Officer see the light. It’s time to be patient.

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