How long will Sony’s Spider-Man be?

At that time, Marvel sold certain rights to the character to various companies that later went under. The owner of one of them resold these rights to third companies (Among which was Sony, which acquired the home video cameras). As you can imagine, there were different lawsuits between Marvel and this person, something that greatly affected the superhero company financially.

Finally, Marvel was forced to sell all rights which was one of his greatest hits. This was where Sony was quick and took the opportunity to stay with the entire spider man.

When will Sony ‘bring back’ Spider-Man?

Although the Sony company made a large acquisition with Spider-Man, the management of its productions did not go too well.

They started with the movie of The Amazing Spider-Man in 2012, which was followed a couple of years later by its sequel. And, although Sony intended to make a trilogy of these films, it ended up canceling the project due to the low box office they had.

However, years later Sony and Disney reached an agreement to refloat the project. Disney needed to include its Spider-Man within the Marvel Cinematic Universe for its path to make sense. For its part, Sony wanted to make money with what was a star purchase that it failed to exploit. So this agreement consisted of both sharing the rights of the character, the expenses of the productions would be shared between the two, but the biggest financial beneficiary was still Sony.

Spider-man: Far From Home

From this new “union” came the films of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame or Spider-Man: Far From Home. Although everything seemed to go smoothly, Disney wanted to re-negotiate the rights of the character to squeeze it at will and the move went wrong: Sony broke the agreement.

When it seemed that Spider-Man would disappear from the MCU Due to the “anger” on the part of Sony, both companies again reached an agreement. In this case, Disney and Marvel would keep a somewhat higher percentage of the profits (although nothing compared to Sony’s share) and pay less in production costs. In addition, at the rights level, the mouse company achieved:

  • To have the possibility of producing the third part of the new trilogy called Spider-Man: No way home.
  • That Spider-Man could appear at least in one next installment of Marvel Studios.
  • Include all films (excluding non-MCU films) in which Spider-Man appears on your Disney + platform.

Tom Holland - Spider-man

Then, How long do Sony’s rights with Spider-Man last? The short answer is until they want it to. Anyway, if you want to know more about all the details of why Spider-Man is from Sony and not from Marvel, you should take a look at the article that we published a few months ago on our website.

Sony knows perfectly well that spider-man is a gold mine, and more so right now. So, it would be weird if they gave it up, having already rejected large amounts of money from Disney on several occasions. Even so, some assure that continuity could be decided with the box office of upcoming movies of the Japanese house related, that is, Venom: There will be carnage (already in cinemas), Morbius and some more tapes that are in the pipeline. If these cards fail, Sony could make the decision to accept the sale to the mouse company and thus take advantage of the huge amounts of money that it offers to recover this masked superhero.

Anyway, if you want to keep up to date with any news on this subject, from El Output we will tell you the minute and result if there is any change in the rights of Spider-Man.

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